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iMovie3 sluggishness possibly related to movie length Apps
Eureka! I have discovered the answer to why iMovie3 behaves differently for so many users, with regard to sluggish performance. I am using it on an iMac flat panel 800mhz, with 500mb of RAM, running 10.2.3. I was also having problems with the play head moving a good five seconds after hitting the space bar, the program pausing with a beach ball every time I saved the file or tried to do an edit on a clip. The situation has made iMovie3 unusable and so I reverted back to 2.2, which is extremely fast and a relief to get back to!

After reading the various reports coming in, I realized that no users were documenting the length of their iMovie projects. Mine is over 1.5 hours long in the rough edit stage. I then tried loading a 12 minute movie and, voila! The thing works like it should. No more sluggish performance, nearly as fast as 2.2! It all makes sense to me now that the reason iMacs at the Apple store run iMovie3 with no problem -- they only have the two minute tutorial loaded.

In my opinion, the problems with iMovie 3 all boils down to the possibility that the engineers who developed this never tried it out on anything longer than a 5-minute movie project. Hope this helps others from spending any more time re installing OSX and wasting time on other fixes.

[Editor's note: I've had nearly no time to work with iMovie3, but did notice that it was much slower than iMovie2 on a 25-minute project that I loaded. Hopefully this is an issue Apple can address with a software update of some sort, as based on the reports, I think I intend to stay in iMovie2 for a while longer yet ... any other experiences out there with long vs. short movie lengths?]
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not so fast
Authored by: pismocat on Feb 10, '03 10:35:59AM

I've tried working in iMovie 3 with movies that were only 2 minutes long and the app was so sluggish in it's playback that it virtually rendered itself unusable. I'm reverting back to version 2.2 for sure untill apple does something to improve these performance issues. I'm running on a 500 mhz TiBook with 512mb RAM. iMovie 2.2 is as snappy as can be.

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not so fast
Authored by: drj on Feb 12, '03 08:29:40PM

created a movie 58 minutes long using imovie3 and idvd3, sound went out of synch half way through the dvd. quick time movie synch was fine. any problems with this?

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Authored by: Fubar on Feb 11, '03 01:03:01AM

I have a 158 minute project that I'd like to test out in iMovie 3 because of the Ken Burns effect. If I decide the performance just isn't worth the trouble, can I just fire up iMovie 2 and it will read the project? Or do I have to figure out a way to back up the entire project in case I'm not happy?

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imovie3 super slow
Authored by: dinobravo on Sep 10, '03 08:08:09AM

imovie 3 is getting slower and slower. i have a movie 45min long but it does have 470 clips.and is so slow i cant even use it and dont know how to get back to imovie 2 i have 384 ram 60g harddrive so it should handle it .i think the more clips u have the slower it is ,if i put in 45min of footage no edited clips i bet it works faster.if anyone has any ideas that would be apreiced

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Reverting to iMovie 2
Authored by: scorcher on Feb 13, '03 01:44:08AM

Any idea how to revert to iMovie 2, at least until iMovie 3's performance improves? It seems the old version gets disabled somehow so that if I dump iMovie 3 and pull iMovie 2 off of a back up it doesn't work. There must be some magic file somewhere that the installer edited, but I damn if I can figure out where to find it. Anyone know this trick (short of reinstall the whole OS)? Thx!

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using iMovie2
Authored by: robh on Feb 13, '03 06:32:07AM

I dragged a copy of iMovie2 from a backup onto my desktop, clicked it, it ran fine and also loaded the iMovie3 project I'd just finished.

iMovie3 runs ok on my new 12" powerbook. It just takes an age to load a 1hr:20min project.

It seems to be a bit of a theme going on at Apple these days... they release fancy new iApps without actually testing if they scale properly.

iPhoto1 was hopeless with large libraries. iPhoto2 is better, but it's still a slug.

iMovie3 now takes so long to load a big project that you can go off and make a coffee while you wait.

I don't use iTunes, but I hear that it doesn't scale very well either.

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