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Supercharge Mozilla's tabs Web Browsers
If you're not 100% converted to Safari, and still like Mozilla's feature set and its tabbed interface, here's a way to get even more out of those tabs. Tabbrowser Extensions greatly expand the capabilities of Mozilla (and Netscape) tabs. Installation is simply a matter of following the link on the web page and restarting Mozilla.

Once installed, you'll find your tabs have a wide array of new powers (there's an FAQ page on the site that explains much of what you can do). Instead of the four simple radio buttons in the tabbed browsing prefs area that you had before, you now have eight separate sections, each of which has numerous options! I'll be honest and admit that I haven't tried more than two or three of them at this point, but the power is there if you want to use it.

For me, the two biggest gains are that you can rearrange tabs by dragging them around (hooray!), and a customizable tab contextual menu that can include items such as auto-reload time (for your favorite news or sports page), duplicating the tab, disallowing JavaScript on the tab, and much much more.

There's even a one-button uninstaller if you don't like what you see. It's not quite perfect (the prefs dialogs have a spacing issue on my machine, and I have one problem with a form page that insists on trying to set the reload time), but there are enough nice productivity features to make it worth a minor glitch or two.

If you're hooked on tabbed browsing, Tabbrowser Extensions will do nothing to cure your addiction!
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Authored by: ssevenup on Feb 06, '03 02:14:53PM

Too bad it does not work in Chimera, but this is really cool. I hope it runs on Chimera one day. I didn't have the time or patience to pursue if manual installation in Chimera is possible.


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close tab ---> move next
Authored by: clmensch on Feb 06, '03 03:09:05PM

One thing that bothers me about Chimera tabs is the fact that when you close a tab, it returns to the PREVIOUS tab. I sure wish I could make it go to the NEXT tab. Boy am I nitpicky.

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close tab ---> move next
Authored by: napdaddy on Feb 06, '03 03:25:47PM

I believe this has been fixed in the Chimera nightly builds. If you don't mind being on the bleeding edge, I recommend using ChimeraKnight to download and install the latest Chimera builds. The nightlies are faster than the current 0.60 version and have plenty of fixes and new features. They are also very stable. I can't remember the last time Chimera crashed on me.

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close tab ---> move next
Authored by: foniks2020 on Feb 06, '03 04:19:02PM

Yeah the latest checkins say it is now at 0.7 and they do mention fixing the tab order issue, at least it is fixed for my verion... latest from today (6th of feb.).

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getting it to work w/ chimera
Authored by: cynikal on Feb 06, '03 03:57:04PM

Has anyone gotten this to work with chimera? I know that chimera doesn't support .xpi software installs (if you drag it to the browser, it will just re-download it heh).

But i've looked at the diff's between an installed and a virgin installation of Mozilla (same version) and there appear to only be 4 files involved, tabextensions.jar and .js (newly added) and two modified files, installed-chrome.txt and xpti.dat. i've hand-modified installed-chrome.txt but i can't figure out what to do w/ xpti.dat. the AppDir line is changed it seems but who knows how this line works :-\

I would sooo love to have this work w/ Chimera, and i'm sure i'm not the only one :)

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getting it to work w/ chimera
Authored by: Makosuke on Feb 06, '03 07:24:38PM

Maybe I'm misunderstanding something about the way Chimera works, but I believe it uses Cocoa for the front end drawing, and gecko as the rendering engine. Mozilla and Netscape both use the standard Mozilla cross-platform UI, which is not only not written in Cocoa, but has nothing at all to do with Chimera's UI.

Therefore, I would imagine it'd take more than just some adjustment to get any sort of interface enhancement theme designed for Mozilla to work with Chimera.

Hidden prefs are a different issue, were that what this was, but I get the feeling it's not.

Of course, I'd like to be wrong about this, since there are a lot of cool features in this plug-in.

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getting it to work w/ chimera
Authored by: honem on Feb 07, '03 05:35:33AM

and according to what i've read at the Chimera/Mozilla site it uses Gecko to render everything on the page . That's right kiddies _everything_ from the scroll bars to the buttons to the windows ..... everything

Of course getting chimera to use XUL whatevers will require a close examination of the chimera and mozilla source code and documentation ;)

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Better explainations for the translation?
Authored by: morgion on Feb 06, '03 10:49:49PM

I'd like to play around with all the options to figure out what their... unique... descriptions mean, but I haven't got the time.

If anyone could post their feature findings for the more cryptic ones... like "Do when not only first Navigator but also every one starts up", I'd appreciate it. :-)

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Most excellent!
Authored by: malvolio on Feb 07, '03 12:10:43AM

Love Tabbrowser Extensions! And using the latest nightly of Moz 1.3b, which is pure Mach-O with no OS 9 CFM elements any more, the speed is right up there with Chimera.
Right now I'm leaning toward using Moz more than Chimera. A day or so ago, I wouldn't have even considered such a course of action!

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Most excellent! - mozilla != chimera
Authored by: cynikal on Feb 07, '03 04:41:25PM

i too am using mozilla 1.3b but the speed is no where near the speed of chimera. chimera flies, mozilla jogs.. i don't know how mozilla could be as fast as chimera considering chimera is so light weight. what speed is your computer? i am using a gigabook.

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