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Watch and listen to QuickTime clips in reverse Apps
You can use the keyboard shortcut Command - Left Arrow to play QuickTime clips (sound and video) backwards. Command - Right Arrow plays forward (as does the space bar) ...

Maybe not the most useful hint, but kinda fun.

[Editor's note: There's an older hint that talks about a QuickTime throttle in the Finder, but this is different - and it works in both the Finder and QuickTime player. It might also pre-date OS X, but I didn't find it documented here, so here it is...]
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Watch and listen to QuickTime clips in reverse | 6 comments | Create New Account
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And for even more fun...
Authored by: diZZy on Feb 05, '03 12:07:36PM

I actually found this out a little while ago myself, while looking at a QT file in my web browser. Using the forward/backward buttons on my MS trackball explorer, played the clips forward/backward.

Thought it was cool [well... sort of!] but also thought I'd get flamed for submitting it as a hint, a pretty useless one at it too!

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To me it's almost a bug...
Authored by: Dephex Twin on Feb 05, '03 12:26:17PM

It's actually really annoying for me when I am navigating the web. I use cmd+arrows to go back and forth all the time, and whenever I go to a page with a Quicktime movie, I always have to remember that I can't use that to go back, because it always causes Quicktime to play in reverse instead of moving my browser back. Hmm, what was the most likely thing I wanted to do there?

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To me it's almost a bug...
Authored by: tim1724 on Feb 05, '03 01:57:25PM

Keep in mind that the standard Mac OS X keyboard commands for back/forward are command-[ and command-]. You'll find that these work in Safari, Help Center, the Finder, and a number of other applications. (Note that these keys aren't listed in the Aqua Human Interface Guidelines .. it unfortunately does not have a very long list of standard key equivalents. But when the Finder, web browser, and help system all use the same key combo, then it's pretty safe to expect others to do so also.)

Safari allows command-arrows as an additional shortcut, but only in situations when command-arrow shortcuts are not already being used for something else. For example, when you're editing text in a text field, command-left means "go to beginning of line" .. but command-[ will still work even when editing text. The same goes for when you're viewing a QuickTime movie .. the command-arrow keyboard commands are already taken by QT, but command-[ will still go back a page.

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Other Ways
Authored by: phlops on Feb 05, '03 03:17:30PM

This ability has been in Quicktime since at least 3.0. Back then however you had to shift-double click on the movie area to play backgrounds. This feature still works too. Normal double clicking plays the movie forward.

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Play backward??
Authored by: rgray on Feb 05, '03 05:35:57PM

Play it backward and find the satanic (or whatever) message??? Really does sound like that old time rock and roll..

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Play backward??
Authored by: Crawfish Jones on Feb 05, '03 06:12:12PM

I just finished watching Steve Jobs's last keynote backwards, and I swear I could hear him saying, "Turn me on, dead Mac!"


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