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Use non-importable MPEG clips in iMovie3 Apps
Although iMovie3 claims to import any Quicktime-compatible clip, the short MPEG clips taken by my camera aren't selectable through the input dialog.

Nevertheless, they can still be imported by dragging them to iMovie from the Finder. The catch is that the sound is lost in the process, despite all my attempts to save it. It ought to be simple enough to extract the sound from the MPEG and import it separately, though.
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You need to demux the files
Authored by: epsi on Feb 05, '03 11:27:21AM
MPEG files with both video and audio are called muxed files. Unfortunately, quicktime chokes on these when it comes time to convert or import them. To be able to handle these files in iMovie, you will need to go through an operation called demuxing, which will basically split the file in an audio and a video track. You'll then be able to import these separately and just line them up in the timeline. An easy way to demux mpeg files on OSX is to use a series of tools called "MissingMpegTools", and in particular their MoreMissingMpegTools. See this site for downloads. Just get MoreMissingMpegTools, open it, and use the demux optionn. Hoping that'll help. Cheers. Stephane

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Authored by: notmatt on Feb 05, '03 02:16:04PM

Excellent. Now the fireworks actually sound like fireworks. The shaky, low-res camera video wasn't really very interesting on its own...

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You need to demux the files
Authored by: Jim Buzbee on Feb 05, '03 08:19:17PM

I downloaded and installed the "More Missing Tools" package, but when I try any of the options, I get a popup : "Where is Toast Titanium 5.1app?" What Is this?

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More Missing Mpeg Tools
Authored by: mussell on Dec 10, '05 02:26:54PM

I went and got the "More Missing Mpeg Tools", but the "MPG DEMUX" button under the "File" column does not bring up a file selection window or anything. The other buttons seem to work. Any ideas on why the DEMUX button doesn't work? I'm trying to import mpgs into Final Cut Express.


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yeah.. but what about the resulting files?
Authored by: seven5 on Feb 05, '03 01:00:31PM

i have demuxed files a million times, back when eyeTV didn't have editing capabilities. When you do this, you get an audio file and a video file that is nothing i have seen before. I can't remembre which one but quicktime chokes on one of them, i think it was the video file. FCP would not accept either of these files. What can we use to actually edit and use these?

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yeah.. but what about the resulting files?
Authored by: raoul duke on Feb 05, '03 03:03:25PM

I was under the impression that iMovie 3 could only handle AIFF sound files, which is not the result of a demux (i think you end up w/ 2 MPG2s) I downloaded a converter to change the mp2 audio but it didn't work

Am I wrong about iMovie's ability to handle the other sound format?

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yeah.. but what about the resulting files?
Authored by: Rupa on Mar 30, '03 03:26:13AM

When you doubleclick the file it should start playing in itunes. Select extras - convert to mp3. Now drag it to iMovie.


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Authored by: seven5 on Feb 05, '03 09:56:16PM

what do you do with the resulting chunk.mp2 file? this is the audio file that it creates after the demuxing..... iMovie won't import it, and quicktime won't export it to aif.... what do you DO with it?

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Authored by: seven5 on Feb 05, '03 09:59:32PM

SORRRY, i'm a fool. For you other fools out there. If you look at the MoreMissingTools app (great app by the way) there is DECODE MP2, this will make it a wav file, and iMovie handles it just fine.

hope you guys find it. FINALLY i can edit mpgs!!!!!!!!!!!

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