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Using iPhoto2 web exports as index.html pages Apps
iPhoto2 changed the way HTML is exported. It used to create an index.html file, but now it creates an index page named after the folder into which you exported the photos. This is not good for people who want to put the photos at the webserver root, and just changing the name to index.html breaks some of the links.

My solution was to create a folder in the Finder called 'index,' and then choose that folder as the destination when I exported the webpage. This allows you to have an index.html and not break any links.
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Any ways to further customize html export?
Authored by: cmdawson on Feb 05, '03 11:11:37AM

I use the html export function, but it is so limited. Hard
to believe they only added "Prev, Up, Next" links to the
photo album pages between iPhoto1 and 2. Also, it's too bad
the fonts cannot be specified. I end up changing all mine
over to Arial using a text fun.
Anyone tried BetterHTMLExport plugin? Any sample pages or
comments on this shareware? My iPhoto pages are at
....if you want a "before" example :).


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Any ways to further customize html export?
Authored by: SCID on Feb 05, '03 12:13:29PM
I use the BetterHTMLExport (and have registered it) and it is worth it, here is an example of a quick template that I tossed together in about 5 minutes Enchanted Tower the amount of information that it can get from iPhoto is fantastic and it is really easy to use, though the instructions and method for making custom templates is rough. I like it. S

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Any ways to further customize html export?
Authored by: escowles on Feb 05, '03 03:56:44PM

I used the BetterHTMLExport with iPhoto 1 and it worked well. The template language is pretty customizable. So much so, that I had actually configured it to export XML instead of HTML. I then used XSLT on my webserver to do the formatting on-the-fly.

Too bad it went from free to shareware with the upgrade to 2.0. I'm thinking of writing my own program to export one album's worth of data and images from iPhoto (that's what I generally want to do) instead of paying for the new version.


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Any ways to further customize html export?
Authored by: XSage on Feb 13, '03 01:49:50AM
You do know that you can do simple text replacement at command line, right? Just do something like:
sed 's/Helvetica/Arial/g' fn.html > fn_new.html
This works well with shell scripts, which could potentially save you a lot of time. You might also consider a style sheet, but that's a little over-board when all you may want is a simple gallery.

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BetterHTMLExport WORTH $20!
Authored by: Krioni on Feb 06, '03 02:22:42PM

The guy who made this did a great job. I know a bunch of AppleScript, and own BBEdit, so I could write my own code for this. However, my time is NOT worth $0, so I did a quick check and realized that every time I export photos for a web page, I'm going to save probably at LEAST 10 minutes playing around. I paid for BetterHTMLExport, and hope others do. This guy deserves support for a great product, especially since users can extend it by making and distributing templates.

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Authored by: dsb on Feb 13, '03 12:29:43AM

I just recently upgraded iphoto and a new camera. I'm very disappointed. Older hints worked very well like collapsing rolls so that iphoto opens up quickly. But I'm not a .mac subscriber and I see no reason why I should be; paying an additional amout in addition to my isp subscriber. Quick export of webpaging seems to be oriented towards building a homepage if you're a .mac subscriber. I found out that exporting a webpage had to be accessed by the file menu rather than a quick export button. However, the hint suggested here is good in that you still should create a folder first of the page to make, ie index or pics, etc. although not very user friendly.

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