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Repair iTunes playlists after relocating Library Apps
I relocated my entire iTunes library this weekend to an NFS server. After I did so, I realized that all my playlists were no longer valid since iTunes couldn't locate the songs. Instead of locating the songs in the playlists one song at a time (ugh), I did this:
  1. Exported each playlist, save it as XML.
  2. Deleted all the songs and playlists from iTunes. In this case, I wasn't deleting the songs from on disk, just iTunes pointers to the songs.
  3. Reconstructed the iTunes library by adding all the songs back into the library.
  4. Re-imported the XML playlists
iTunes will then reconstruct each playlist and will be able to find the songs in the new locations. Cool, eh?
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Repair iTunes playlists after relocating Library | 3 comments | Create New Account
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Relocating (Consolidating) is built-into iTunes...
Authored by: Styx on Feb 05, '03 11:54:41AM

Haven't tried this method, but had to relocate my iTunes library to another drive as I was out of space. I wasn't sure how to do this either, but figured out that iTunes has this functionality built-in. Use the following steps within iTunes after creating your new destination folder within the Finder:

MENU BAR -> iTunes:Preferences:Advanced
Change the iTunes Music Folder Location (to the new destination you created)
Check "Keep iTunes Music Folder Organized" (just a suggestion)
Check "Copy music to iTunes Music Folder when Adding to Library" (just a suggestion)

MENU BAR -> Advanced:Consolidate Library...
Any songs in your library that are not in your iTunes Music Folder will be copied there.
This cannot be undone.

Once you click OK, iTunes will copy all of your music to the new location and since you checked the option to Keep iTunes Music Folder Organized it will create a folder for each Artist with subfolders containing each Album and/or Unknown folder for those songs without an album defined.

I have found a lot of cool ways working with comments, titles and playlists to keep my library extremely organized. Hope this hint helps. Worked GREAT for me.

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Relocating (Consolidating) is built-into iTunes...
Authored by: Quantum Panda on Feb 05, '03 05:57:27PM

Be sure to check your Library for missing songs after you do's not 100% foolproof. I relocated my iTunes library from a 60GB to a 80GB a few months back, and found a random selection (about 1% of all tracks) hadn't been copied.

What I found to be the best way to identify the missing tracks was to keep Consolidating the Library. Tracks iTunes couldn't find would come up flagged with a ! in the leftmost column. Scrolling down the Library list, I'd Get Info on each flagged track (individually), iTunes would say it couldn't be located and would I like to locate it. I'd reassociate the track with its location in the old Library location (since it hadn't been copied to the new). Every so often, I'd re-Consolidate to copy in the tracks I'd refound.

I don't know what caused iTunes to fail to copy every track, but the fact that it did so indicates that you should definitely verify that every track is there before you delete the old Library.

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Repair iTunes playlists after relocating Library
Authored by: iRebound on Jan 11, '05 11:04:49PM

this doesn't seem to keep the play count though. i dunno why


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