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Prevent the addition of the Ken Burns effect in iMovie3 Apps
Overall, I like the new iMovie, however one feature I do not like is how the Ken Burns Effect automatically starts rendering when you add photos to the timeline (I certainly don't want to use this effect on every photo). After playing with iMovie for an hour or two, I discovered by accident that if I press the Escape key (esc) immediately after I've added photos to the timeline, they will cease to render and will just be still clips.

Be careful though, iMovie will become almost dead when adding many photos to the timeline. I added 114 photos and it took over six minutes just to add. If anyone else can find a way to disable the auto-rendering of KBE, please post a comment here.

[Editor's note: This is clearly a major annoyance in an otherwise great upgrade. I use iMovie a lot to put together my own slide shows, and I definitely don't want the KBE on every slide. The escape workaround is a nice one, but it would be even nicer to have an on/off switch or something similar...]
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Apple + Period works too.
Authored by: ALinecker on Feb 04, '03 11:10:22AM

Keyboard shortcut Apple + . works also.

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Authored by: hayne on Feb 04, '03 11:20:53AM

I haven't tried it yet myself but I note the existence of an entry 'autoApplyPanZoomToImportedStills' in the iMovie3 preferences file:
It has a default value of true so it is likely that changing it to false will tdo what you want.

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Authored by: diZZy on Feb 04, '03 12:42:47PM

Indeed it works. Just change the value to false and no more annoying automatic zoom effect! Thanks for that.

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Authored by: chabig on Feb 04, '03 04:22:06PM

This key doesn't show in Property List Editor, but it is there when open the plist in TextEdit or BBEdit. What's going on?

Do I need to change
<key>Option autoApplyPanZoomToImportedStills: %d</key>

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Authored by: Craighints on Feb 07, '03 04:15:09PM

It's there in Property List Editor, just scroll down to 'Option autoApplePanand.....' and change the boolean from YES to NO

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Authored by: xStep on Feb 08, '03 03:29:45PM

I had the same problem of not seeing this option in the Property List Editor. I went into the Emacs editor and changed the <true/> value following this key to <false/>. That seem to have done the trick. The option still refuses to appear in PLE.

I suggest you also turn the duration and start & end zooms to minimum so the preview doesn't suck up resources.

When you want to actualy apply the pan & zoom effect, just use the Apply button.

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turn off the zoom
Authored by: kkmlmk on Feb 04, '03 12:58:04PM

I found that if you set the zoom to 1.00 you can use the duration setting to set clip length and there is no zooming.

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Set the Zoom to 1.00
Authored by: mm2270 on Feb 04, '03 12:58:23PM

Uhhm am I missing something here? You can set the Zoom level when you select a photo to 1.00 for both Start and Finish (see the little butons on top) and that effectively stops the Ken Burns Effect. It still has to do a render in iMovie when the photo is inserted because of the duration that the photo remains on screen, i.e. 5 seconds, etc. So, there's really no way to get it NOT to render the image when it's inserted, but Apple DID provide a way to not have it do a Zoom. Try it - you'll see.

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Set the Zoom to 1.00 - NOT
Authored by: lstewart on Feb 04, '03 06:57:40PM

Yes, you missed something. No disrespect intended, but there is a problem with the just-set-the-zoom-to-1.00 approach. In iMovie2, still clips were just that--one still image, and you just typed a duration value to determine exactly how long it lasts. Lightweight, no rendering required, set it to any length you desire without any recalculation.

When you allow Ken Burns to do his thing, every still gets rendered, so you lose the ability to fine-tune the clip length without re-rendering it. (Unlinke iMovie2, iMovie3 forces you to bring up a Cmd-i inspector to change the still clip length, but that's better than nothing.) Also, images that are smaller than 640x480 automatically get zoomed to full screen by Mr. Burns, whereas the old still image processing allowed you to have black borders--good if a particularly small image doesn't blow up well.

Thank you, thank you pwharff for this hint, and especially to hayne for the preference setting! That remedies my #1 complaint with iMovie3 so far.

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Using the import Menu
Authored by: Anonymous on Feb 04, '03 01:24:08PM

If you don't want to use iPhoto and prefer to import photos with the import Menu, you can set the autoApplyPanZoomToImportedStills to false into the .plist file (See the hint above). It does the trick.

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Thanks a bunch!
Authored by: pwharff on Feb 04, '03 02:13:10PM

Thank you soooo much hayne for your input. I'll try as soon as I get home from work! If the auto is disabled can you still do the KBE?

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Changing the true to false...
Authored by: lkoepsel on Feb 04, '03 06:32:37PM

This was such a big issue for me, I had to check it out. Yes. It works and works great!
1) I wasn't able to change the value in the Property Editor. Maybe you can, but I couldn't find it.
I used BBEdit and changed the true to false using Cmd-C ( of a false) and Cmd-V (on top of the true) I also use a belt and suspenders.
2) Ken Burns effect still works. It just doesn't do it automatically.

Thanks for the great hint. Its changed my life.
Ken Burns :)

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Authored by: aranor on Feb 04, '03 03:32:02PM

What is the Ken Burns Effect? (I've never played with the app)

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Authored by: pwharff on Feb 04, '03 05:47:09PM

The Ken Burns Effect is a Pan and Scan effect for iMovie 3. So essentially you can take a photo and add motion to it by moving across it.

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