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Drag and drop to create albums in iPhoto2 Desktop
In the first version of iPhoto, you could create a new album by dragging a selection of images to a blank area of your albums list. But once the album list area was full, this trick didn't work (at least I never found a way to make it work), as the dragged photos would want to drop into an existing album.

The iPhoto2 "Tips and and Tricks" help page describes how to create a new album with drag and drop in iPhoto2, but I thought I'd expand on it just a bit here, as it's not necessarily obvious if you're just mucking about with the program (and I find a slightly different way of doing the same thing).

To create a new album with a selection of photos, drag the images to a certain area of the album listing -- either to the edge of the album frame just below the trash icon (that's what Tips and Tricks page states), or to the area between your last album and the trash icon, as seen in the screenshot. When you are hovering in one of these spots, the black outline bars that normally show the selected album will instead highlight the entire album area (also visible in the screenshot).

Note: As an aside, please read the help files for iMovie3 and iPhoto2 prior to submitting hints on the new programs! Unless you have a tidbit such as this one (and granted, it's minor, but it was a good excuse to state this bit...), documented features are normally not topics for hints. There have been exceptions and mistakes on this rule here before, of course, and there will probably be more in the future ... but please verify whether the hint you're contemplating is actually a feature described in the help and/or menus of the program prior to submitting it -- it will save you and I both a fair bit of time!
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