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Emulating tabbed windows in Safari... Web Browsers
OK, so it's not really true tab emulation. But the end effect is similar, though not quite perfect. Last week, MacBase published a tutorial on how to use AppleScript and REALbasic to create a window manager of sorts for Safari. If you don't have REALbasic, the compiled script can be downloaded from MacBase at the end of the tutorial.

I installed it and gave it a try, and while it won't replace tabs in Chimera and Mozilla, it does make it easier to manage multiple Safari windows. When launched, a small floating palette appears that lists all open Safari windows, and you can bring any window to the foreground simply by clicking on its name.

It's not a perfect workaround (the windows get reordered when you click them, unlike tabs, and it's sometimes slow to update when you open or change a window), but it's definitely a nicer way to manage multiple open pages than the alternatives (cycling through all, mousing to the dock, or mousing to the menus).

I'll personally stick with Chimera/Mozilla until Apple finds a better way to handle multiple pages in Safari (though I use Safari for loading large sites and I keep it open with a few of my "information" sites (CNN, etc.) always loaded). And now, I'll leave the Tabbed Safari script running to make it easier to pop open the exact informational page I want to see...
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Authored by: njitkoff on Feb 03, '03 09:46:53AM
Pith is always another option :)
It is still a bit buggy though.

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Try Pith Instead
Authored by: madgnome on Feb 03, '03 10:43:40AM

I installed Pith ( this morming and think it is great. It opens a small resizable window that complements FullScreenSafari.ape which disables cascading windows. The sorting of windows is selectable by Window Order, Age or Name which is a big improvement over the Safari Window menu. It also displays the favicon.

I love tabs, but they have 2 major drawbacks for me: They take up precious vertical window space and if there are more than a few tabs, the titles are truncated. Pith solves both of these problems simply and elegantly.

It is also a very small application, only 484KB.

One other killer feature: if Safari crashes or even if you just Quit it, when you re-launch it, Pith pops up, shows you what windows were open and asks if you want them re-opened. Sweet. Oh, and it can hide its Dock icon if you choose.

With Pith I no longer crave tabs in Safari.


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Try Pith Instead
Authored by: da5idonimac on Feb 03, '03 11:47:06AM

i agree wholeheartedly. at first i was a bit underwhelmed, until i found the preferences (hidden under the "pith" logo).

pith actually implements the tab-functionality with some useful options. you can hide unused windows automatically or display all pages in the same frame. just what i alwas missed in safari.

i actually put the floating window where banner ads are usually displayed :)

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Try Pith Instead
Authored by: wjshack on Feb 03, '03 01:44:16PM

I am confused. Is Pith supposed to switch windows when I click on the button representing the window? It doesn't on my system. It also remembers old windows displaying them as grayed out but they don't reopen. I just seem to get a nonfunctional window.

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Authored by: prk on Feb 03, '03 03:52:33PM

I'm not following. What is the difference from this and minimize to the dock?

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doesn't work
Authored by: acalvet on Feb 04, '03 01:57:11AM

I've the same problem

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pith beta 3
Authored by: wjshack on Feb 09, '03 11:22:08PM

For those who had trouble with beta 2 of Pith, a new version is out ( This one works well for me.

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