Remove Safari's cached favicon.ico files

Jan 31, '03 09:56:00AM

Contributed by: droosan

This may be of interest to web-developers. As far as I know, Safari is the first Mac browser to make use of favicon.ico files (the tiny icon that represents a site on Windows Internet Explorer). Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong [Editor: Chimera supports them].

Web-developers may have noticed that Safari caches these icons and there's no way to get Safari to reload it from the site if you change this icon. "Empty Cache..." etc. doesn't do it. This is annoying if you have made a new one for your site and want to see it in Safari.

Since the .ico cache took me quite a while to find, others might have had the same trouble. It's in ~/Library -> Caches -> -> Icons. To empty the cache, quit Safari and send the Icons folder to the trash (or anywhere). You can apparently do this without affecting anything else in Safari. Use at your own risk, but I have done this several times over several weeks without problems.

If anyone discovers how to delete an individual .ico from the cache, let us know.

Update for 1.0: Reader LouieNet writes in with this change for Safari final:

With the release of Safari 1.0 (v85), however, that cache directory has been moved to ~/Library/Safari/Icons. To remove the whole cache, simply quit Safari and delete the new cache directory. (Alternatively, may want to use the find command if you know the creation date, etc.)
I'm not sure if the new structure makes it any easier to remove an individual favicon or not...

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