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Log into MSN Mail with Safari via Messenger Web Browsers
OK - now I'm really steamed. I know that the folks over at Hotmail did something goofy with regards to logging in using Safari based on the browser check, coming back with a claimed response that the Safari doesn't support Javascript.

Now what I just discovered is that this is limited to the manual browser login check. If you fire up MSN Messenger and click on the Mail icon with Safari set as your default browser, it will take you right in with no problems.

Not only that, but Safari's javascript code is an order of magnitude faster than IE for making multiple selections from your list of messages...
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Another bypass
Authored by: astfgl on Jan 31, '03 10:49:21AM

You don\'t need to use MSN Messenger - you can bypass the javascript check through the normal login. When you enter your username and password and get the \'Javascript required\' error, click on the link to \'help contents\'; from there you have your normal Hotmail tabs and can just click into your Inbox.

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So why doesn't Safari work then?
Authored by: danielacroft on Jan 31, '03 01:15:21PM

So what check are they doing that causes the Javascript error? I have my debug menu enabled and even setting it to MSIE 6 doesn't allow me in. What does Safari report itself as in Javascript. Obviously MS is checking for it and not allowing anyone in.

Typical sucky tactic, probably not directed at Safari, more likely at Konqueror.


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Clicking 'Mail' button causes MSIE to start
Authored by: dg37mosxh on Jan 31, '03 01:30:24PM

I am using MSN Messenger 3.0 and when I click on the 'Mail' button, MSIE starts up instead of Safari although Safari is the default browser set in the Internet prefs panel.

How do I force Messenger to use Safari?

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Authored by: robg on Jan 31, '03 03:49:47PM

Delete Internet Explorer? ;-)

Seriously, you could stick it in a .sit package as a test or something...


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Authored by: thelamecamel on Feb 04, '03 02:03:23AM

Nah, I tried this a while ago, putting it in the Trash is enough to stop it from opening. When I put IE in the Trash, it opened Classic IE!! When I put that in the trash too, MSN Messenger wouldn't open. Gotta love Microsoft

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Checking Hotmail is a breeze...
Authored by: armchairyoda on Jan 31, '03 06:36:16PM

I had a user have a problem getting into her MSN acct using Safari. The error went something like an infinite loop of the email/password login screen.

Luckily, she had just switched to OSX v10.2.3 and Safari (ok... I delete IE anywhere I see it) from OS 9.2.2 and IE 5.1.6, I had moved her old 'Explorer' folder into her ~/Preferences, AND she had bookmarked her inbox page.

After entering the login/pass into the loop once, then using the inbox bookmark, I went right into her inbox. Knowing this wouldn't last after quitting the app, I tried quitting and re-launching the app then just using the inbox bookmark.

I ended up at a new login screen, and after she entered in her log/pass, it went directly into her inbox with no complaints or errors!

The only option I turned on or off in Safari was the pop-up blocking. I suspect this is worth a shot for Hotmail, yet I don't have one to try with. I know it worked with a @msn/Passport acct tho, so why the hell not? Here are the steps for re-creating this:

1) In IE, log into Hotmail and go to your inbox. Now bookmark it.
2) If you already have the "Imported from IE" bookmarks folder, move the ones you want to keep into a new/existing folder. Quit Safari.
3) I believe it's the '' file in the ~/Preferences directory that tells Safari if IE has been imported. Just delete the file (there really aren't that many prefs to set yet anyway).
4) Re-launch Safari and check the bookmarks. There should be, once again, the imported folder. Try the direct bookmark to your inbox. Login, and BAM! You should be staring at all your waiting spam...

Hope this helps, but I'll stick with my .mac acct. Yeah, I'm an idiot, but only for my freelance-work email. ;)

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Checking Hotmail is a breeze...
Authored by: 010111 on Jan 31, '03 08:23:56PM

this works great... however in my case i just skipped using IE altogether.

through safari:

- went to hotmail
- logged into hotmail
- saw javascript "error" page
- clicked the "hotmail" graphic in the upper left (i think clicking *anything* might actually work as someone else already suggusted clicking the "help" text)
- entered password a second time
- saw my inbox
- bookmarked my inbox page
- quit safari (possibly not neccesary)
- opened safari again and used newly created bookmark to inbox
- entered log-in info
- ta da! no error page! just my inbox!

this is great... especially after convincing my parents to install safari last time i was there... only to have 1 of 3 sites (hotmail / ebay / yahoo news) they ever go to... not work... made me look not too bright...

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