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Another method for eject stuck CDs System
I recently installed a new eMac and during the afternoon, a CD I had put in the tray refused to mount and refused to eject. I tried eveything (and I mean everything) but no joy. A quick call to Apple tech support showed me I hadn't tried everything after all.

Turns out something I had installed had made the eMac 'forget' it had a CD drive, and a simple zap of the PRAM sorted it out.
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Zap a PRAM
Authored by: sn00py on Jan 28, '03 11:34:49AM

This would probably be a newbie question, but how exactly do you 'zap a PRAM'?

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Zap a PRAM
Authored by: vineetb on Jan 28, '03 11:53:59AM
Zap a PRAM
Authored by: betamonkey on Jan 28, '03 12:36:14PM

Hold down Command-Option-P-R (all at one time when you fire up the computer...

it'll begin to boot then it will chime again, keep the buttons pressed down... it'll basically look like you're restarting it. Do this 3 times. Then let go of the buttons.

That's it.

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Other thoughts
Authored by: Jay on Jan 28, '03 12:16:44PM

I had a similar problem with a client last week, so I had to try several different things to get a disc out. Here are some alternate solutions: Hold down the mouse button during the startup chime. This is an old tip, but didn't work in my case. I had to hold down the option key at startup until the iMac got to the "boot choices" screen. Then, I hit the eject button on the keyboard and it finally gave up the disc.

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Other thoughts
Authored by: Nostromo1965 on Jan 28, '03 03:46:23PM

Another way to eject a CD is through Open Firmware.

Restart and hold down Apple-Option-o-f until you get a prompt.

Then type eject cd and hit Return and the CD should pop out.

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Mouse button works on Cube
Authored by: englabenny on Jan 28, '03 06:27:34PM

well, it does, but I have never had opportunity to try this on other slot-loaders.

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Another method for eject stuck CDs
Authored by: jeffiel on May 20, '03 11:23:55PM

You people are brilliant! My slot loader on the powerbook just stopped accepting CD's... there wasn't even one in there. So I did the Zap (not by key sequence, click on the link in the post above to get apple's instructions) and pressed the reset button until it went "click" and my drive was unstuck.

It works, it really does! Thanks guys.

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Another method for eject stuck CDs
Authored by: digito on Oct 05, '03 02:41:12PM

You can also restart the machine, while it restarts you keep the mouse button pressed until the CD gets ejected automatically.

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What if the tray is empty?
Authored by: Bookman on Aug 13, '03 11:20:56AM

Here's a chicken/egg question. I also have an eMac, but, for reasons I will not go into, I use one of the old iMac keyboards (OLD!). There is no CD eject key, obviously, and under 10.2.6, F12 doesn't seem to work to open the drive tray.

How do you OPEN the tray when it is empty if you don't have a CD eject key under 10.2.6? There are a number of solutions to open the tray if it has something in it, but how do you open it if there is nothing in it?


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