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Printing to networked IBM printers Desktop
I recently started using an ibook in an office surrounded by PCs (ironic, since I work at IBM and the group I work for probably tested the G3 in the iBook I'm using...). Up until today, I couldn't for the life of me print to any of the Ethernet printers in the office. A simple solution, but tough to find:
  1. open print center and click add
  2. select IP printing
  3. enter the ip address of the printer
  4. uncheck "Use default queue on server" and set the queuename to PASS
  5. printer model "generic"
  6. if you want to give the printer a more descriptive name, and you're running in 10.2, select the printer in the list in printcenter, and hit command-i. The "name and location" menu on that screen lets you change it to anything.
As an added benefit, once you've set this up in OS X, classic printing will work to the same printers, although they don't seem to get the descriptive names, just the IP addresses. I'm guessing you could fix that if you booted into Classic.
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not sure about ip printers in classic
Authored by: ficino on Jan 28, '03 05:33:44PM

I have several IP printers set up in Jaguar 10.2.3, but they don't appear automatically in my Classic apps! How did you get this to work?

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Printing to IBM Network printers.
Authored by: MattInOz on Jan 29, '03 07:50:13AM

I can't understand what the intial problem was. I have always connected to IBM network printers using IP printing, with queue name PASS. The only difference is that I would use the correct PPD file for the printer, instead of generic. The big problem in versions of OS X before 10.2 was that it wanted to call the queue PASS. I used to work at IBM Global Services where I had both a Mac and a Windows NT machine on my desk, like others at our site. We had to print from either. I only ever used the Windows NT machine for filling in my timesheet. It was too slow, compared to my Mac. I still have the PPDs for the InfoPrint 20 PS, as well as 32 and 40.

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Printing to IBM Network printers.
Authored by: heffalump on Dec 31, '05 07:28:16AM

Thank you for this!!!

I recently had to setup a g4 running OS X 10.3 for a non-profit org and they have an IBM Infoprint 20 (as I do) and under classic it printed fine. I thought to do a test and see if there was anyway to enable it printing under OS X but did a google and found this.

PASS did the trick!!!

As a result I have signed up and hope to get my next problem solved!!

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Printing to networked IBM printers (NP17)
Authored by: stein on Nov 29, '03 05:11:27PM

THANK YOU! I have been looking for this solution for over a year. I have a wonderful IBM Network Printer 17 (4317) that duplexes, 22mb ram, and PS simm that I've been trying to get to work from any of my Macs in OS 9 and OS X - Problem Solved. Thank you!

The PASS queue name is the ticket! I hope Google helps others like me with this problem - Mac OS X Hints has it right here.


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Re: Printing to networked IBM printers
Authored by: Uncle Asad on Sep 26, '05 08:36:07PM

Very old hint, very helpful; I'll try this at our office with an InfoPrint 40 next time I'm there. Thanks!

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Printing to networked IBM printers with PCL?
Authored by: thomnut on Mar 19, '06 08:52:02PM

Thanks for the tip. I have a Network Printer 17 that does not Postscript in it .. onlyl PCL .. I has successfully got it working based on your tips and using a HP Laserjet 4 gimp driver, but this doesn't give me the duplex features, etc. Any ideas on how to access all the features of this printer via PCL?

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