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Solving a small print problem in System
I found that all my computers were printing emails from with incredibly small font sizes. Some were so small I couldn't read them without getting very close to the paper. I messed around with the font sizes in Preferences, but to no avail. I called Apple and spent some time just messing around with trashing prefs, both of which helped me find the solution to the problem! In my user's Library -> Preferences folder, a plist by the name of was the culprit. I trashed the file on all my Macs, and now printing is big and beautiful!!
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Not quite?
Authored by: michael_aos on Jan 27, '03 11:02:38AM

OK, I moved the file:

mv ../

And restarted, but I'm not seeing any difference. What else is involved?


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Not quite?
Authored by: orlin on Jan 27, '03 11:41:14AM

The same for me as well. Trashing this file doesn't change anything.... :( still prints with a very small font.

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Try deleting a different preference
Authored by: GaryScott on Dec 15, '03 04:36:43PM

I was able to correct this problem by deleting a different preference (I believe ""). Now it works fine.

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Printing from
Authored by: datahive on Jan 27, '03 05:36:35PM

Actually, its rather odd, but the size of the text when you print from is directly related to the width of the window you are printing from. Double click on an email so it opens in a separate window, drag the window size to the width you want the document to print at, and print. Voila, large text, small text, whatever you prefer.

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Small print with Safari
Authored by: GaryScott on Dec 15, '03 04:34:51PM

I was able to correct this problem by deleting a different preference (I believe ""). Now it works fine.

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Authored by: xchanyazy on Jan 27, '03 01:51:18PM

When I looked at this file, it seems to just be the place that stores your custom presets in the print options dialog (For instance, if you have a special set for printing color, or one for printing draft copies). I don\'t see how it would affect the print size for mail, unless it was stuck on a custom setting that you personally made.

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Authored by: youcanrunnaked on Jan 27, '03 09:06:43PM

Must be the placebo effect. Tried it; didn't work. Sure wish it did, though.

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Larger printing in Mail (and Safari)
Authored by: skybolt on Jan 27, '03 09:33:12PM

In another thread on another forum concerning very tiny printing in Safari, it was noted that if you resize your screen to encompass only what you want to print -- in other words, as small as you can, eliminating as much blank space as you can -- the print will be larger as the program scales to fit the print page. A case of WYSIWYG. It worked in Safari, and it worked in Mail too. Hope this helps someone!

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Another solution
Authored by: neilkins on Jan 28, '03 03:04:55AM

As another solution, instead of opening the message, just select it in your mailbox message list and then print. This will print using the font size specified in the Mail preferences. Note that this only works if the message viewer pane below your message list is also closed.

This seems to be the designed behaviour for TextEdit too, when it's in "Wrap to Window" mode. There's an entry about this in the help file for TextEdit, titled "Text Prints Too Small in TextEdit", but I can't find anything in the Mail help.

Both Mail and TextEdit are designed to reflect on the printed version the same wordwrapping shown on the screen, so if you make your windows wider the printed text size must be reduced to fit the same amount of text on one line.

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Solving a small print problem in
Authored by: maggielandes on Feb 07, '13 04:28:54PM


I just had the same problem and realized that when on the print screen that comes up that allows you to choose what pages you want to print, how many copies, etc.; there are also three options in the bottom right side of that menu that allows you to choose:

- Scale Message to Fit
- Rewrap Message to Fit
- Keep the Same Apparent Size

Clicking the button for Rewrap Message to Fit solved my printing problem.

Hope this helps!

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