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Rebuild Entourage database to avoid 4362 errors Apps
If you have error 4362 in Entourage X while reading some messages, or folders and the application unexpectedly quits, you should consider rebuilding the database. This is done by starting the application with the Option key pressed. A window will be shown; first try the Typical rebuild, that worked for me -- make sure you have enough disk space!

Another thing to consider is that your Identity may be corrupt. In that case, make a copy of all your messages and contacts by dragging the message folders to a disk folder, and export your contacts. Then create a new Identity, switch to that account, and re-import your messages and contacts, and create your mail accounts.

I think that the typical rebuild should be done in a regular basis to prevent corruption!
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Preventitive maintenance is your friend...
Authored by: mholve on Jan 24, '03 10:44:20AM
I've been using Entourage for quite some time now - about a year or so, since it came out. Regularly cleaning out your sent items some, maintaining good organization - along with the occasional rebuilding has kept things running perfectly, and quickly.

Once in a while, usually after a rebuild - I drag ~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office X Identities/Main Identity/ (a folder) onto DropStuff to compress the files, then move the resulting archive to the other drive, or include it in normal backups for safe-keeping.

A final trick... The first time you option-click on Entourage to start up in rebuild mode, it may *censored* that you should close other MS apps first. No fret. That's the database daemon still running in the background (started by your login items prefpane). Option-click again, and you should be in.

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Identity is not the problem
Authored by: leebennett on Jan 24, '03 11:07:42AM

i had worked with an MS support person by e-mail for several weeks trying to solve why e-rage unexpectedly quit on me once in a while. we tried all variety of things, including a temporary new identity, which didn't solve it.

the only thing we could come up with is that there is something about my OS X user setup that is causing it. i had temporarily created a completely new/fresh OS X user, and _only_ set it up to use e-rage. it never quit on me then, so the MS tech said the last thing she could recommend was to migrate to a new user on my machine. *sigh* that's more effort than i'm willing to deal with now.

there had been some tips about a corrupt GlobalPreferences.plist file that can cause apps to quit. you can't just delete it because the corrupted information might be written back from cache when the plist file is recreated, so you have to create a new user, copy over the plist file from there, fix the owner information, and go through a few re-logins in the process.

well, doing this actually solved 1 or 2 other problems i was having, so i was happy to have done this, but e-rage still quits.

hmm, although i don't seem to recall it happening as often in recent days. that just occurred to me. hah, you watch, now that i said it, it'll do it again!

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Drop M$
Authored by: syko on Jan 24, '03 02:19:25PM

your best bet is to drop Entourage altogether and go with a real email program like Apple's Mail or Eudora..

i've had MANY clients losing $$$ from using Lookout Express and Entourage..

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Authored by: milk on Jan 25, '03 01:18:35PM

Entourage is a wonderful mail client. It is better than in nearly every way possible.

Please explain how your "clients" lost money by using Entourage, if you can't, then don't spread fear, uncertainty and doubt.

By the way, I have used Entourage since 2001 and never had one problem, ever.

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