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Interesting Safari feature Web Browsers
Ok, so it really isn't a hint, it's a feature :). If you use Safari and go to Apple's website, you can actually see a little Icon that says "Welcome Safari User" along with the safari icon.

[Editor's note: Yea, I know it's not a hint ... I still thought it was sort of cool, though many of you may disagree!]
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The ads change too
Authored by: beepotato on Jan 23, '03 11:10:08AM

Also on, if you get there with another browser, the first item under the "Hot news headlines" will be about Safari and will lead you to a presentation of the browser.
If you're using Safari, it will be about Airport Extreme instead, as you obviously don't need to be told about Safari anymore.

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Simple PHP code to duplicate
Authored by: sardu_mac on Jan 23, '03 11:14:59AM

If you have the PHP module enabled you can add a similar feature to pages hosted from your OS X machine. Just make a new text file called 'safari.php'. Paste the following contents (from the "<?php" to the "?>" ) into it:

Header("Content-Type: image/gif");
if(eregi('Safari',$_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'])) {
readfile('safari.gif'); // this image gets sent for Safari
} else {
readfile('notsafari.gif'); // this image for other browsers
} ?>

Save it wherever you keep your web images.
Now drop a 'safari.gif' and a 'notsafari.gif' in the same directory.
Add an image tag to your page, using the .php file as the image source:
<img src="url://sitename/location/of/your/images/safari.php">

See for information on setting up PHP.

This tiny snippet is meant for OS X users new to PHP, allowing them to add this simple feature to a local page. Anything longer probably belongs on a PHP site, not here... Rob can scold me if I'm wrong. :-)

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Bob Hearns Claris account web page also has it
Authored by: stuartbryson on Jan 23, '03 06:25:46PM

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also seen at
Authored by: comodin on Jan 23, '03 08:48:24PM
same here:

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Please no browser warring..
Authored by: phidauex on Jan 24, '03 06:34:22AM

I know this is just a cutesy little banner thing, but it is really starting to smack of the old browser wars where everyone had a little 'optimized for IE' or 'designed for netscape' banner, and used silly DHTML to restrict people from various parts of their site based on browser choices.

Try to avoid the temptation to apply this sort of thing to actual content-related parts of your site, k? As long as it stays innocent like this, then I don't care, but I can just see it escalating where put up whole sections only for safari users and stuff.


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Added to my site as well ;-)
Authored by: vzv55p on Jan 24, '03 07:15:24AM

I added this to my site as well ( )

<script language =" JavaScript">
var SafariMessage = "<IMG SRC=\"/assets/images/safariuser.gif\" WIDTH=\"56\" HEIGHT=\"52\" ALT=\"WELCOME SAFARI USERS.\">"
var NoSafariMessage = "<IMG SRC=\"/assets/images/transparent_spacer.gif\" WIDTH=\"56\" HEIGHT=\"52\" ALT=\"testing\">"
if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Safari') != -1) {
} else {

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Works here as well.
Authored by: dave1212 on Feb 04, '03 03:51:47AM

I used the php code from above.

[ Reply to This | # ] French site...
Authored by: harlugo on Apr 18, '03 04:46:21PM

The javascrit script is the easiest way to do it!.. look at this
french MAC site And

I agree with Phidaeux be careful with that script...


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