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Localtalk and PPP over Ethernet at once on 10.2.3 Network
In 10.2.3, Appletalk is its own network port (which goes against my understanding of the term port, as it's really just a protocol over the ethernet port). As such, all three (Modem, Ethernet, and Appletalk) can be used simultaneously and Appletalk / Localtalk devices can be used and auto-detected while also accessing IP devices. Prior to 10.2.3, you had to choose either PPPoE or Appletalk in the Network Preferences, but could not access both over ethernet.

An example of how this can be useful: I've got an old TI printer connected to an Asante Ethernet / Localtalk bridge. My Internet connection is a DSL modem. I run the bridge and modem to a basic ethernet hub and out to my machine. Prior to this, I had to disconnect from my DSL modem to reconfigure my network settings using Location Manager and some scripts to connect to the printer (actually, it would randomly connect to both at times, but never reliably and it would reset on reboot). Now I can just print as you'd expect.
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Localtalk and PPP over Ethernet at once on 10.2.3 | 8 comments | Create New Account
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Appletak & Ethernet in all versions of OS X
Authored by: rbhansen on Jan 20, '03 11:35:45AM

Appletalk and Ethernet can coexist in all versions of OS X. I have been running three machines through a Linksys router with an Asante Ethernet/Localtalk bridge for my old HP 5MP since I loaded the OS X Public Beta. The Linksys is connected to my cable modem so all machines can access the net and all machines can print via Appletalk--all at the same time.

I wanted to clarify so others do not feel they need to upgrade to 10.2.3 to gain this functionality.

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Sorry, I meant PPPoE and Localtalk
Authored by: lectern on Jan 20, '03 07:04:38PM

Original Poster here. I meant to say (or at least should have said) PPPoE and Appletalk/Localtalk silmultaneously.

With the 10.2.3 update, appletalk and PPPoE can be activated silmultaneously. In the past it could not without somehow authenticating to your PPPoE provider first, and switching over to Appletalk without letting the PPPoE know about it (it was possible, but required that you repeat it periodically).

I'll email Rob and ask to have the title changed.



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Appletak & Ethernet in all versions of OS X
Authored by: Onirix on Jan 20, '03 11:28:48PM

I agree, you have always been able to use both appletalk and pppoe. I am not sure about my new version, but the trick on other versions of osX was just to create another network port configuration to use the appletalk, leaving the default ethernet port configuration for the pppoe.

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some terminology
Authored by: Auricchio on Jan 20, '03 11:40:59AM
Technically, you're correct that Appletalk is just a protocol; being able to assign it to the modem makes some sense, but not as much as in the days when you had a printer port to use.

Localtalk is the name for Appletalk-over-serial: the protocol and the physical transport. If you're using Ethernet, then it's just called Appletalk (meaning the protocol.)

The Asante bridge converts Ethernet-Appletalk to Localtalk for the printer.

I just wanted to clarify the terminology, because you can't run Localtalk directly from the system---since there's no serial port.

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Re: some terminology
Authored by: daveschroeder on Jan 20, '03 12:54:13PM

Just a little nit-picking:

Actually, AppleTalk over Ethernet is called EtherTalk.

In sum:

AppleTalk - a communication protocol that can travel over various media
LocalTalk - AppleTalk over serial
EtherTalk - AppleTalk over Ethernet

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One more thing...
Authored by: daveschroeder on Jan 20, '03 12:56:02PM

Of course, I should add that, as the original poster said, AppleTalk over Ethernet is usually referred to as simply "AppleTalk".

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You can use a USB to Parallel cable
Authored by: mduling on Jan 20, '03 05:18:02PM

If you are using a LocalTalk to Ethernet bridge just to use the printer with a single Mac, a USB to Parallel cable is less clutter and cheaper and faster I suppose. I have used a 4MP and 2200 Laserjets on my beige G3 with 3rd party USB adapter and the setup works flawlessly. In fact, there is absolutely nothing to do in the print center with 10.2. The printer is seen and sets itself up when you connect it and boot up. I was amazed!

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Mac OS X: Using AppleTalk With PPPoE
Authored by: Titanium Man on Jan 21, '03 01:49:31AM

There's a Knowledge Base article dealing with using Appletalk and PPPoE (the protocol most DSL users have to deal with) at the same time.

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