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Drag brushed metal windows with any metallic part System
In any brushed metal app, you can drag windows by any brushed metal area that isn't a control. Dragging windows by edges other than the title bar had been something I missed about OS 9, but I've become conditioned not to try, and the need had probably been made obsolete since we can no longer drag a window beneath the menu bar. I accidentally discovered this, have never heard this mentioned, and wonder if this has always been so (running 10.2.3).

[Editor's note: I had noticed this, but until reading this hint, I had not noticed that it's truly any metal part. You can drag the Safari window around, for instance, by dragging on the thin metal status bar (if you have it enabled) at the bottom of the window.]
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dragging question?
Authored by: mclbruce on Jan 20, '03 12:30:20PM

What happens to this ability when Safari is de-metalized as some people have been doing?

I'm curious if there is a way to set this "drag from anywhere" behaviior in all windows, metal or not.

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dragging question?
Authored by: shemp9999 on Jan 20, '03 01:05:30PM

my hacked safari doesn't allow dragging anywhere but the title bar...

culd be part of a flag in the os...if appearance is aqua then make hard to move window...

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dragging question?
Authored by: signals on Jan 20, '03 01:08:21PM

You can't do this if you turn the metal appearance off in Safari. At least *I* can't. I wonder why? I haven't modified my iTunes (because I don't use it) and it can be dragged by any part of the window. I guess it seems counter-intuitive to be able to drag a window by anything other that it's decoration anyway, so it doesn't really matter.


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Buried titlebars still an issue
Authored by: valiant66 on Jan 20, '03 03:59:34PM

>the need had probably been made obsolete since we can no longer drag a window beneath the menu bar

This turns out not to be the case. Well, not precisely. You can't drag a window beneath the menu bar, but I have on several occassions discovered poorly-behaved apps that end up buried under the menu bar when you change monitor resolutions while they are running. Also, if you have dual monitors you can bury the window title bar under the menu bar by moving it in from the non-dominant monitor.

While quitting and restarting an app solves the problem, I still think Apple made a bad choice in eliminating a grabbable border around every window.

<rant>Even more, I wish I could resize a window from every side. I'm really tired of working in Adobe apps and doind what I call the "window dance": The working window is buried behind assorted palettes; shift-tab to hide the palettes on the RHS, grab the previously-hidden resize tab in the lower RH corner, drag it way over to the left, grab the menu bar and drag the window to the right until it clears the tool palette (so now you can access the zoom/close widgets), shift-tab to bring back the RHS palettes, then use the resize tab to butt the working window up against the palettes. Then command-0 to maximise the work withing the working window. Phew! Every time I do that I think with great fondness of the [alternate OS] feature which supports resizing windows from every side. The same routine in that OS is just a matter of grabbing two window edges and dragging them where I want them.</rant>

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Buried titlebars still an issue
Authored by: ryano on Jan 20, '03 10:16:44PM

I TRULY hate this "feature". Working on an iBook or older powerbook with a limited 1024x768 res or lower, often times I'm working in something where a window opens up that is larger than the screen. Now palettes cover up the widgets and the resize is off the screen. So it's exactly the nuisance you describe. I work in Director a lot and when you are working with a larger stage size, it gets to the point where the windowing system on the Mac really shows its flaws. At that point I end up switch hitting to get the job done. Yes it's nice to see these nearly borderless windows, but trying to hit that small resize widget is not easy most of the time, especially if it's not accessible. I really really want a hack that will let me resize from any side of the window or at least build it into the system and give an option to turn it off or on.

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Buried titlebars still an issue
Authored by: rim on Nov 04, '03 02:11:07PM

I can go one step further with this. I have a machine that I can drag any window's titlebar from any app (finder included) beneath the finder menubar. the machine was cloned from an image per Bombich's NetRestore utility. The effect only seems to happen when the machine is in mirror-display mode, and so far I can't rescue myself from this. Everytime I open IE (regardless whether I trashed the prefs) the window opens with the titlebar behind the menubar. this happens with other apps as well....

anyone know of a .plist file that may change this? the effect goes across user accounts, so it can't be the user's prefs...


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the reason I ask
Authored by: mclbruce on Jan 20, '03 04:51:36PM

I'm running an appearance theme that makes all apps look brushed. I ended up hacking the theme to put a line at the bottom edge of the titlebar. I did this to avoid trying to drag a window from an area that doesn't allow dragging.

If I could enable "dragging everywhere" I would remove the titlebar line in the brushed theme. I know appearance themes aren't for everyone, but here's what I use:

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