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Running kde and Aqua successfully at once UNIX
To add to a good hint from ClarkGoble, who submitted a quick way to launch the new Apple X11 with KDE (in a terminal window type open-x11 startkde &). However, this results in a KDE taskbar fighting with your Aqua Dock for precedence!

If you are like me, the choice to stick the dock on the side isn't preferable. Grab a copy of TinkerTool2 (see Hall of Fame Apps box), which gives you the option to put the Aqua dock on the Top of the Screen. You now have KDE task bar on the bottom, and Aqua on the top!
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Running kde and Aqua successfully at once | 9 comments | Create New Account
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Looks a little something like this...
Authored by: mholve on Jan 20, '03 11:19:12AM
Okay, so I didn't start up the full KDE this time around (I'm running 3.1) but here's what Mac OS X, Apple's X11 and Konqueror look like, all running together nicely: screenshot! I have the kicker set to the left hand side normally, and have no problems with it interfering with my Dock on the bottom (right) of the screen.

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1.5GB of RAM?
Authored by: driverdave on Jan 20, '03 04:10:47PM

How did you get 1.5GB of RAM in your powerbook?

Am I missing something?

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1.5GB of RAM?
Authored by: bhines on Jan 20, '03 07:05:06PM
Where did he say it was a powerbook? The Single 867 G4 Tower was released at MWNY 2001, one of the original quicksilvers.

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I'm an idiot!
Authored by: driverdave on Jan 20, '03 08:34:46PM

I misread PowerPC as Powerbook. Since I got my Powerbook, I've forgotten about towers...

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Authored by: mholve on Jan 20, '03 08:51:24PM

It's a G4 QuickSilver...

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Looks a little something like this...
Authored by: on Jan 22, '03 01:12:11AM

Where does one get KDE for the mac?

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Authored by: Ranger Rick on Jan 20, '03 04:29:50PM

When you make your .xinitrc file, you have it say:

source /sw/bin/
exec /sw/bin/startkde

When you set the KDEWM env var, KDE starts that instead of kwm.

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cut n paste a one way street?
Authored by: secundar on Apr 25, '03 11:34:19AM

Okay - this is cool but the reason i tried it is because I did not
want to lose the cut and past support of Apple's X11. Now, I can
copy from KWord and paste into an app in Aqua but it does not
work the other way around.

Any solutions?

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Use KDE's settings to move kicker
Authored by: uteck on Jan 20, '03 04:54:58PM

Or after starting KDE, use it\'s configuration to move the KDE toolbar(kicker as it is kalled in kde) to the top of the screen. It will stay there when you login again.

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