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Use variable scrolling speeds in BBEdit Apps
This is something I recently discovered when I was working on massive MySQL database files and had to copy large portions of code separately.

Whilst selecting and scrolling down (or up) you will notice that if you have to copy several hundred (or thousands) of lines, the standard scroll speed is slow and you get bored of waiting to get to the end of what you need to select.

If you hold down the Command key you get a faster scroll. If you hold down Alt (Option) then you will get a faster scroll. If you hold down Command and Alt, you will get the fastest scroll, and then you can spend less time copying and more time pasting the data where it needs to be ;)

Hope this helps some of you save some time.

[Editor's note: This also works in the freeware BBEdit Lite, and is also effective when just using the scrollbars without an active selection.]
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the opposite works in Safari
Authored by: scoog on Jan 16, '03 11:32:07AM

Grab the scroll bar with your pointer and pull down w/ the option key depressed, the scroll speed is decreased to 1/3 of original. Lugubrious can be handy too. -sg

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Option Scroll works not just in BBEdit
Authored by: slsman on Jan 16, '03 11:34:41AM

Option Scroll speeds up scrolling everywhere I've tried it, Finder, Safari etc. Maybe this was just a function of OSX I hadn't come across before, but this tip led me to try it out.

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Another Option Scroll
Authored by: Harold on Jan 23, '03 03:07:00AM

In a large document: hold down the option key and click in the scroll area. The document will scrolll to that point immediately, sometimes command+option scrolling is just too slow, especially in logfiles.

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Gimp under X11
Authored by: sardu_mac on Jan 16, '03 12:03:52PM

Along the same lines, holding Control while using a mouse wheel will alter the direction from up/down to left/right in a picture window.

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Authored by: phlavor on Jan 16, '03 09:32:43PM

I just tryed this in Chimera and instead of scrolling left and right, I was able to go back to previous pages and forward again. Damn, so many undocumented features, so little time.

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Yes, handy feature
Authored by: Jadey on Jan 16, '03 11:08:00PM

Yep, this feature has been in BBEdit for years, I\\\'ve always found it useful =)

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Authored by: tu11ym0n on Jan 17, '03 12:17:34AM

man do I owe you big time. BBEdit 7 has been driving me crazy in OS X due to the extremely slow scrolling - esp when copying/pasting. you have made my day!

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Heck Yeah!!
Authored by: BrunoUsesBBEdit on Jan 17, '03 09:14:12AM

This information should be printed on the seal that you must brake to open the install CD.

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Another approach
Authored by: ruiner13 on Jan 17, '03 11:41:56AM

Click the mouse to move the cursor to the beginning of the text you'd like to highlight. Then, scroll down to the end of the selection you'd like to highlight. Hold the shift key and click at the end of the selection. All of the text from the beginning to the end will be selected. Works in any program (Even on Windoze). You can even use the page down key to scroll. Nifty, eh?

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