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Access online banking and other DLL sites in Safari Web Browsers
An annoying bug in Safari is that dll files that don't start with the tag <html> don't work properly. The reason for this is that dll is not one of the formats that Safari recognizes. As a result some sites, like Wachovia online banking, download to the desktop.

To fix this, control-click on Safari and select "Show Package Contents," and then navigate to Safari -> Contents -> Frameworks -> WebFoundation.framework -> Versions -> A -> Resources. Open the file "types.plist". Scroll down to where it says <key>text/html</key> and add a return after the next line which says <array>. Type <string>dll</string>. The resulting block of text should look like this:
Save and close the file and relaunch Safari, and the problem should be fixed.

[Editor's note: I have not tested this hint, but I have verified the keys and file structure are as described.]
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Authored by: awk on Jan 15, '03 11:39:55AM

I'd imagine that a .dll file on a web site is actually a module that returns HTML and a content-type of text/html. It would also be possible for a .dll to return some other mimetype, such as image/jpeg. For instance, I've written .PHP scripts that output image/gif data. Could this hint interfere with this possibility?

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Good Point
Authored by: readparse on Jan 15, '03 12:18:56PM

I was also concerned about this hint when I first read it, because it makes the assumption that all DLLs return HTML... that happens to be a job shared by the server administrator and author. For most people's purposes this workaround will USUALLY give them the results they need, but it needs to be recognized as the temporary workaround that it is and should NOT be considered an replacement for notifying Wachovia (and whoever else) that their HTML is noncompliant (not that they'll listen :)


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It worked for me!
Authored by: socalnaturist on Jan 15, '03 03:31:55PM

Thank you for this hint.

Before this, only IE would work with my credit union's online banking system and I had deleted it to be Micro$oft free. Chimera and OmniWeb would not dislay the site correctly. Neither would Safari until I made this fix.

I used Apple's Property List Editor to modify the specified file and it works great.

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It worked for me!
Authored by: Connie on Jan 15, '03 08:50:25PM

Same problem. I could not access our credit union and it would freeze up! You would not believe the trouble Safari has caused me–5 days of stress and 2 hours on the phone with Apple because of it, but Apple says it is not my computer. Thanks for the tip!

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Inherent problem
Authored by: natecook on Jan 15, '03 09:23:46PM

As somebody up there said, this is only a temporary solution because it assumes that output from a DLL extension is always going to be HTML. A few of the grad schools that I applied to had DLL files that generated PDFs of the completed application for my records...

Just FYI.

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Do it for .ASP
Authored by: Brontojoris on Jan 15, '03 11:15:18PM

Thanks for the tip.

While not needing it to view online banking sites, or other .DLL based websites, I was having a problem previewing .ASP pages locally. Safari would insist of showing the page as source/text rather than attempting to render the html.

Now after adding .asp to the Type.plist file, I can at least preview .asp pages sitting locally on my hard disk.

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Works with M&T But . . . JavaScript Calendar not rendering
Authored by: rsnyder on Jan 16, '03 01:37:39AM

Following the notes on this thread, I added both dll and asp to this key in the .plist file. I am now able to access my accounts at the online M&T Bank site. Great. However, I did run into one interesting issue.

The JavaScript popup calendars for selecting start and end dates for viewing account activity do not render. I can work around this by entering dates in the text fields. However, I am currious as to what is going on with this. This calendar pop feature works in IE (though the calendar dates only show up after selecting one of the navigation buttons, like "today").

Here is the source for the pop up

<PRE> [added by me for this post]

<TITLE>JavaScript Calendar&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</TITLE>


//newWin = window;

calDocFrameset =
" <FRAME NAME='topCalFrame' SRC='javascript:parent.opener.calDocTop' SCROLLING='no'>\n" +
" <FRAME NAME='bottomCalFrame' SRC='javascript:parent.opener.calDocBottom' SCROLLING='no'>\n" +





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Works perfect for me
Authored by: BLASTfemur on Jan 17, '03 10:13:35AM

Great hint, I'll deal with side effects (if any) later. For now, everything I need works in Safari.
Anonymous, you're a badass.

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Works, but still problems
Authored by: stam66 on Jan 17, '03 08:36:23PM

Like another here, I can now log onto my online bank (NatWest), but the javascript seems slower than MS Exploder (!), and importantly, popup menus which are the only way to navigate the site don't render at all.

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Helped me with on-line banking
Authored by: larryr3455 on Jan 18, '03 01:06:37AM

Adding dll to the types.plist now allows me to logon my credit union. Hooray. But what is the real fix? Contact the webmaster of the CU web site to fix something or should Apple add dll to the types.plist file? From the comments it appears that the latter is not the solution.

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list of online banks compatibilty with khtml
Authored by: wilton on Jan 18, '03 12:35:47PM

The above links shows a list of online banks around the world and their compatibility with various 'alternative' browsers, esp. Konqueror, which as you probably know is the basis for Safari. If you have problems with your bank let them know !!

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Access online banking and other DLL sites in Safari
Authored by: larryr3455 on Mar 05, '03 12:04:46AM

This fix worked great for me in the previous version of Safari but with V60 the types.plist file doesn't have any 'text' lines. Anyone know what I am doing wrong or was the types.plist file in question redesigned for V60? Anonymous are you still out there? Help.

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