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Using OS X fonts with OpenOffice Apps
If you are trying out OpenOffice with X11, then the following tip may be helpful. Supposedly Apple's X11 will let X11 apps access OSX fonts. However, in practice, most don't use xft which is what allows this to work. To get OpenOffice to work with OSX fonts you have to do the following:
 % cd /Applications/OpenOffice.org1.0.1/share/fonts
% /usr/local/bin/fondu /Library/Fonts/*
Someone told me this, I can't claim to have come up with this hint on my own. I figured others may have been having problems with this. I've not figured out how to get AbiWord to work with OSX fonts yet. However xterm and some applications will work. i.e. the following works:
 % xterm -fa Monaco -fs 11
[Editor's note: I have not tested this hint myself as I haven't had a chance to install OpenOffice yet...]

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Authored by: krisbrowne42 on Jan 14, '03 10:39:01AM
The fondu command is not installed on Mac OS X by default. There is a Fink package for it, as well as an OSX package on their project page:

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Authored by: lamon on Jan 14, '03 11:17:39AM

Fondu is an installation option in the OpenOffice installer.

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its there in 10.2
Authored by: seven5 on Jan 14, '03 11:00:08AM

Jaguar seems to have fondu. although i got some odd output when i ran the commands. I'm not too sure how well this worked though. I didn't look at what fonts it had before i ran the script. I see my avantGarde, but no myriad, or some other fonts i have installed into os x.

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be careful
Authored by: lamon on Jan 14, '03 11:05:31AM

I did that in the truetype subdir instead of "fonts" and it works. You should be careful not to overwrite the fonts currently in that directory, so I'll suggest copying them somewhere else and copying them back once you have generated the other ones using fondu. Unless you want to experience OpenOffice with no fonts on the GUI...

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Missing info?
Authored by: Tiresias on Jan 14, '03 05:06:39PM

I had some trouble with this hint, but the help program got me through. It told me to run the program spadmin found in /Applications/OpenOffice.orgxxx/program/spadmin. On the dialog that comes up, click the second button the bottom labled "Fonts" (go figure, right?) select your converted fonts which were for me in /Applications/OpenOffice.orgxxx/share/fonts and click ok. 133 fonts were added and they are working great.

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OpenOffice no longer works
Authored by: UltraNurd on Jan 14, '03 05:28:10PM

I used fondu in the proper folder, and then copied in a backup of what was originally in truetype. I quit X11, reopened it, and now OpenOffice won't open at all. Any ideas?

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OpenOffice no longer works
Authored by: asxless on Jan 15, '03 08:02:26AM

Following the original instructions (even modified to put the fonts in the correct directory -- truetype) on my Mac created a dozen or so TrueType fonts that are simply not compatible with OOo or do not have correct letter spacing in OOo. I've posted instructions on our OOo Mac Testing site for a more judicious use of fondu that will not hose OOo.


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Authored by: stuartbryson on Jan 14, '03 05:43:37PM

Hey all,

It seems that OpenOffice will by default look in the /Applications/OpenOffice.org1.0.1/share/fonts/truetype directory. So if you run fondu inside this directory all the converted fonts will be automatically recognised. If not then you can use the spadmin utility as already suggested above.

However, either way not all of the fonts behave properly. I am getting about half of my fonts not spacing correctly. For example papyrus will have about 10 characters all on top of each other. Any ideas whether this is a bug of OpenOffice or Fondu? Any way I can check?



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No need for Fondu
Authored by: jasenko on Jan 14, '03 06:47:14PM

I don't know about but majority of X11 apps are using xft. To enable Mac fonts all you have to do is to edit /etc/X11/XftConfig file and add your Mac fonts paths. Add something like this

dir "/System/Library/Fonts"
dir "/Library/Fonts"
dir "~/Library/Fonts"

Restart X, and all your fonts are now available for gtk, kde or whatever apps you have

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How about GIMP?
Authored by: Dr.Evil on Jan 14, '03 07:30:04PM

I don't have any fonts in ~/Library/Fonts, and the other directories are already in XftConfig. Nonetheless, The GIMP (fink installed) won't let me use any of those fonts in images. Any thoughts?

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How about GIMP?
Authored by: jasenko on Jan 15, '03 05:11:52AM

Gimp was probably not xft-aware. You probably have a version that is not compiled with gnome support. Gnome can use xft and anti aliasing so there is probably your problem.
I installed Pan (newsreader) and when I'm choosing fonts, I have all mac fonts on the list.
Try installing gtk2 and unstable gimp version (1.3.x)

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Authored by: Fuzzle on Jan 14, '03 07:48:44PM

I'm more concerned about getting some anti-aliased fonts in the hizzle! Mainly for GTK so Abiword will be my new sugar-momma of a word processor!

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Visit the MacOS X Testing Forum for Help
Authored by: asxless on Jan 14, '03 09:33:33PM

Thanks Clark, for a good lead on how to use MacOSX fonts in OOo.

Anyone interested can visit our MacOS X Testing forum at
for details of how to use fondu to convert MacOS X fonts and install them for use in the Final Beta.

You will find a list of known good fonts for OOo and test documents for verifying font compatibility, etc.

asxless in iland

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