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Set default window size and position in Safari Web Browsers
You can set Safari to remember your favourite window size and position. Simply move and re-size a browser window in Safari to your preference, then Quit the app. Every time you start up, the first window will appear where you want it!
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Still not right
Authored by: bluehz on Jan 13, '03 11:23:25AM

This works partially with 0.51 build of Safari. It does create new windows of the size you sepcify - but in my case I want fullscreen windows....whenever Safari starts up or creates a new always offsets it from the top-left corner by about 20px down and to the right. So the full screen window is now partially offscreen.

Why is VersionTracker listing a 0.81 build of Safari but no such build exists at the links they point to .... Apple?

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Still not right
Authored by: lsochrin on Jan 13, '03 11:48:12AM

I completely agree with the last posting. The offset slightly down and to the right is very annoying, requiring regular rejuggling.

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Authored by: stewby on Jan 13, '03 10:08:32PM

The most current download from Apple shows version 0.8.1. The first public build was 0.8, so I doubt you have a .51 build.

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Safari Windows
Authored by: vbhaura on Jan 13, '03 02:29:55PM

There is a cure to this window problem. If you download something called Application Enhancer from and install it then get and place the file into the application enhancer folder created in Library (not the one in your home directory, the other one) and relaunch Safari, position your window once and bang you are good to go!!

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Safari Windows
Authored by: bluehz on Jan 13, '03 11:43:06PM

I have linked more problem and anomalies to the APE schtuff than I care to list! I will not have that on my machine again.

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What I'd really like...
Authored by: snoozer on Jan 13, '03 11:41:26PM to set a default window size that *all* new browser windows open at. If I resize a window, the new size becomes the default size for subsequent new windows, and that's never what I want. This "Save Window Size" feature is the one feature I miss from OmniWeb. No other browser does it, and yet it is so easy to do from a programming standpoint.


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Version and build number confusion...
Authored by: jiclark on Jan 14, '03 01:04:37AM

Here's the scoop:

The first release, viewed in the Finder, said version 0.8. When launched, in About Safari (or via Show Info in the Finder), it said version 1.0 (build 48).

The lastest release, in the Finder, is version 0.8.1. But again in About Safari and Show Info it's listed as version 1.0 (build 51).

There's been a lot of confusion about this, and Apple needs to get it cleared up, but that's problem...

Have fun!

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