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Safari solves the 'Default browser' problem Web Browsers
Many of us have wondered what the heck is going on with "default browser" on OS X. I have tried just about every hint on this site, with varying degrees of success, and still after all that I get IE popping up as the "default browser" from time to time. Who knows how or why this is, but then Safari comes along and fixes it. Instantly. With no "backsliding." All I can say is, "yahoo!"

Coupled with the new "scriptability" of Safari, this is an awesome advance.
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10.2.3 Solves problem?
Authored by: hembeck on Jan 10, '03 10:56:11AM

I too bashed my head on my desk everytime IE launched, rather than Chimera. That is, until 10.2.3. Ever since I did the upgrade, my web preferences have been in Harmony.

Safari, i guess, may help users not using 10.2.3, but I would suspect that it's pulling the IE trick, meaning that if you wanted say Mozilla to be the default, rather that Safari, you may do the same head bashing.

This of course is just a guess, since I think the issue if System related, not application related.


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10.2.3 Solves problem?
Authored by: schrammalama on Jan 10, '03 11:07:59AM

The default browser preference is now controlled through Safari. Launch Safari, go to preferences, or cmd-, and it's the first selection under general preferences. I don't know if you need to keep Safari around after you switch browsers.

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10.2.3 Solves problem?
Authored by: nmaves on Jan 11, '03 10:09:55PM

What you say is true. I have installed Safari and now application use it over Mozilla. I can't even seem to uninstall Safari.

Any ideas?

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Authored by: SoapmakerX on Jan 10, '03 11:14:01AM

Some Apps are hard coded to IE, and IE can be set to auto-set itself as default browser, this is WHY you always have to change it back. Also each time you upgrade Chimera (assuming you download dailies), you have to seset the browser preference!


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Authored by: jecwobble on Jan 10, '03 11:36:16AM
I haven't tested this to be certain, but I believe the 'hardcoding' you are referring to has to do with the document's type and creator tags. I have copied HTML pages from a windows box to my iMac that turn up with the Safari document icon. I believe that is because they had no type and creator, so the OS assigned it to my default browser (Safari). However, I have previous HTML documents in my ~/Sites folder that were created when using IE. When double-clicked, they open in IE, not Safari.

So, stripping the type and creator tags (entire resource fork?) from all local HTML docs might resolve some multi-browser problems.

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Why!!! Not me!
Authored by: alajuela on Jan 10, '03 02:48:46PM

I download the Chimera nightlies almost every day, and have not had to reset my default browser for months.

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RE: Why!!! Not me!
Authored by: malvolio on Jan 10, '03 02:52:50PM

Same here. I install a new build of Chimera every day, and it stays as default browser with no updating of prefs needed.

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Grabby IE
Authored by: Peganthyrus on Jan 10, '03 12:34:20PM

Hmmm. I haven't had IE come up when I didn't want it in ages - but then again, I'd also moved IE onto a .dmg that I only opened up when I explicitly wanted to use IE.

I think I accidentally deleted said .dmg a while back. I'm not sure. If I ever need IE again, I'll just go hammer on MS's bandwidth a little.

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Default Browser
Authored by: drewb2b on Jan 10, '03 01:04:22PM

I noticed that after clicking on a link in Entourage, that Safari was now the "default browser". I knew that there had to be a way to revert that (if I wanted to -- but I don't; I love Safari).

If you go to System Preferences/Internet and click on the "Web" tab, there is a pull down menu to select the browser you want to be used by default.

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Just delete it
Authored by: aschmidtm on Jan 10, '03 03:54:55PM
Other than the fact that Internet settings in the System Preferences, has always worked for me, without fail, I just decided to delete the from my Applications folder. Microsoft might be powerful, but they can't do a thing to you. Even if you just delete IE.


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Authored by: godzilla808 on Jan 10, '03 05:50:58PM

I had a similar issue on a machine that I had upgraded from 9 to X, and upgraded the user's Eudora to the X version. The problem was it imported the old preferences to use Netscape, completely ignoring the system settings. (So it would start Classic every time a link was clicked on from Eudora.) In this case, I just had to tell Eudora to go with the system settings, then all was well.

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The best solution
Authored by: Glanz on Jan 13, '03 11:23:41AM

The best way to solve the "Default Browser Problem" is to "solve" the Microslop software problem first by doing a system-wide locator search and delete of everything that has 'IE', 'Explorer', or Microsoft in a file name. This is the first thing I did when I brought my new iBook home. The second thing I did was to crack in two pieces the instalation CD of MS Office that the dealer gave to buyers of new iBooks as a promotion.

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