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Clear system caches to fix copy and paste errors System
I had glitches after upgrading to 10.2.3 in multiple applications and of various flavor. They all disappeared after installing the Combined 10.2.3 updater over a 10.2.0 installation.

The last glitch remained though and went away only after some "sudo rm." The problem was that the Services menu in all applications was empty, and that cut, copy, and paste were not functioning (paste inactive, clipboard empty).

The problem disappeared by removing the content of the following directories, .DS_Store files included:
~/Library/Caches (your local Library directory)
After this, the clipboard was again functioning as well as all Services. As always, be wary when using sudo commands as they will execute as if you were god (don't wipe out your system).

[Editor's note: I haven't had this exact problem, but I have had other odd glitches that went away when I emptied the cache and restarted.]
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Shell Script
Authored by: TigerKR on Jan 11, '03 12:32:22AM

Here's a double clickable shell script for that:

open up a terminal window and type:

cd ~/Desktop/
pico ClearCaches.command

then within pico type:

cd ~/Library/Caches
sudo rm -rf *
cd /Library/Caches
sudo rm -rf *
cd /System/Library/Caches
sudo rm -rf *
sudo rm /System/Library/Extensions.kextcache
echo "All Caches Have Been Cleared!"
echo ""

to exit pico type these keys:

then 'y'
then 'return'

now in the terminal, type:

cd ~/Desktop/
chmod +x ClearCaches.command

Now you can double click on "ClearCaches.command" and it'll open up a terminal window. Then you enter your admin password, and the script does the rest. Do not be alarmed if you get:

sudo: No match.


rm: /System/Library/Extensions.kextcache: No such file or directory

That just means that there's nothing to delete.

You can put this file anywhere you like, and you can drag this into your login items control pane and run this at login if you like.

Please be careful with sudo and rm and -rf and *.

sudo == superuser do
rm == remove
-rf == no warnings and delete folders and their contents
* == everything in this local directory

Please don't get mad at me if something goes wrong.

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