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Safari Status Bar shows link types Web Browsers
If you've enabled the status bar option under the View menu in Safari, you can see the link target as you mouse over a link. If a link will open in a new window, the status bar says:
Open "" in a new window.
Also, if you're holding down the Option key it changes to:
Download ""
The Command key forces the link to open in a new window, and so the status bar displays:
Open "" in a new window.
Hold down the Control key and the status display again changes to:
Display a menu for ""
[Editor's note: I'm not sure why, but Safari seems to ship with the Status Bar disabled ... I didn't even know about it until I got around to actually looking at the menus :-).]
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Open window behind current...
Authored by: dcheng on Jan 09, '03 10:37:10AM

Much like other browsers, holding Command and Shift over a link will also open it in a window behind the current.

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Command-click in title bar
Authored by: awk on Jan 09, '03 11:58:40AM

Also note that command-clicking in the window's title after a page loads will let you move up within the directories in the URL's path. Much like command-clicking on a finder window does, also like Konquerer's "Up" button. I've often wished for a "go to top level of site" button and this has the same effect.

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MSIE too
Authored by: lestmak on Jan 09, '03 12:38:35PM

All of the above shortcuts apply to Microsoft Internet Explorer too

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Authored by: bobw on Jan 09, '03 01:03:48PM

Anyway to have a link open in the same window in Safari?

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Authored by: snoozer on Jan 09, '03 10:18:05PM

You were probably asking about keyboard shortcuts, but one thing you could do is drag the link to the URL field.

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Safari Window Tabs?
Authored by: palott on Jan 10, '03 12:42:14AM

Has anyone figured out how to create a new "Tab" to open up a URL in? Is this a feature in the making? I don't know about most people, but I like to have one browser window and use 5 or 6 tabs instead of 5 or 6 windows.



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Re: Safari Window Tabs?
Authored by: Stuart Rogers on Jan 10, '03 09:35:22AM

AFAIK Safari doesn't currently support tabbed browsing. Hopefully this will be an option in the not-too-distant future.

What I would like to see is the ability to "Open in a new tab" and "Open in a new window". This way you can group your browsing into 'themed' windows.


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go apple
Authored by: englabenny on Jan 09, '03 05:16:40PM

I don't know if any of you think this is special, but I do

I think this is one of all the small things that apple does that gives the extra feeling of a user friendly UI. great.

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is link target aware
Authored by: jaacob on Jan 09, '03 09:59:53PM

The same feature seems to try and be smart when links are targeted to open in a new window by a document. When you mouse over a link that will open in a different window, the same \"Open \'http://foo/\' in a new window\" message gets displayed.

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is link target aware
Authored by: ret on Jan 09, '03 10:53:32PM
erm, I think that was the point of the original hint.

Have you tried dragging a link onto another window or the desktop or wherever? Very snazzy.

Lastly, a couple of other things I like about Safari. It doesn't commandeer cmd-left-arrow and cmd-right-arrow, so when you're typing in a text-box just like I'm doing now, you have all the regular editing short-cuts at your disposal. It has excellent scroll-wheel support in text-boxes etc as well, something that used to drive me mad about IE.


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option-click ?
Authored by: jwt on Jan 09, '03 11:01:28PM

There's a good deal of discussion on Apple forums and MacFixIt about option-click overwriting (deleting) the entire /User directory. (or /Home?)

This reportedly is not easy to duplicate.

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