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Web surfing with a multi-button mouse System
With a Logitech track ball, or other four button device and Quickeys, it is possible to speed windowing navigation by trading dedicated button clicks for menuing or mousing.

The first big win is to create a dedicated Close-window button. This close-window functionality is useful in any application, not just surfing. The next speedup is to create a dedicated Command-Click button. Command-Click opens a link in a new window (some of you may prefer an open window behind version). The next speedup is to create a dedicated "Back" button.

With those three dedicated buttons (open links in new window, close windows and back to the previous link), it is now possible to just click for 90% of www navigation, all without keystrokes or mouse movement. Like any other change, it takes a little getting used to.

[Editor's note: If you have a programmable mouse of some sort, it really is worth the trouble to set up the extra buttons to have different functions in your major programs. I use the side buttons on my Intellimouse for forward and backward, a click on the scroll button executes a command-click, and if I press and hold the scroll button and then roll it up and down, it switches tabs. I have a completely different set of commands assigned to Word, Excel, Mail, etc. Once you've used a multi-button mouse, it's hard to go back to just one button!]
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Gestures rock!
Authored by: UltraNurd on Dec 31, '02 02:23:03PM

I have a multi-button mouse, and I think coupling that with Cocoa Gestures is absolutely great. I have my two extra buttons bound to command-click (for selecting multiple things with just the mouse) and the other to control-option-command-click, which is the activate gesture command for Cocoa Geestures. That many modifiers means it's unlikely I will accidentally start a gesture, but they are all right next to each other on most keyboards, so I can still use gestures without my mouse or while connected remotely. The buttons were originally bound to browser forward and back, but with gestures I can do that and a lot more. Of course, this means you need to use a cocoa browser like Chimera, but that's a good thing. Once you get used to it, you'll never go back... :o)

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Logitech's Mx700
Authored by: timbloom on Dec 31, '02 03:54:26PM

This mouse is the best mouse i ever owned. I upgraded from the Logitech optical wireless. It has a charging cradle i set it in for a few hours every week and it goes on and on and no removing of batteries needed. The best fearure: It it has all the buttons that any mouse really needs. Left and right click mouse buttons, a forward and back button for the browser. And also an application switch button. All of this works with the driver installed and is programmable, but I found it most useful with the defaults.

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Logitech's Mx700 is great but....
Authored by: lovejoy on Jan 02, '03 03:33:25PM

I have one also and love it. I just wish there was a way to program it like USBOverdrive is. If I didn't have the Logitech keyboard, i would use it instaead of the Logitech drivers. Anybody know of a way to disable the Logitech mouse driver so I can use USBO instead?


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Logitech's Mx700 is great but....
Authored by: harpdog on Jan 04, '03 10:48:17PM

I have one those too and it is the best wireless mouse on the market.

It is the best mouse I have ever owned.

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Kensington TurboMouse ...& QuicKeys
Authored by: sf addict on Dec 31, '02 09:25:52PM

I use an older 4-button turbomouse on my home desktop OS9 system; I programmed it years ago for multi-window surfing (you *do* know that a click-&-hold on a link gives you a pop-up menu...yes?) & downloading so that the upper left button executed a global "close window", upper right executed "back" for whichever browser I was in, and the lower right button executed a global "enter" to activate the default button in modal dialog windows.
The close-window-with-a-simple-click setup had me well prepared for the advent of those heinous pop-up browser windows! :P

I've been using QuicKeys for a looong time too- in Finder on the OS9 box it invokes control panels with ctrl-a (appletalk), ctrl-m (modem), ctrl-p, (PPP), ctrl-r (remote access)- don't use them much since I got broadband; ctrl-s (startup disk), ctrl-t (tcp/ip), cmd-` (view as list), cmd-t (empty trash), cmd-F1, (set display to 256 colors so I can play Tetris), cmd-F2 (set display to millions), and a few other tidbits as well. Now I just wish QK had the same capabilities (or was easier for me to geek it out) in OSX on my TiBook-550!
I don't know how I lived without QK- ...oh that's right, I haven't! -been using it since System7.

Since I just recently got an adb-to-usb adapter and downloaded the latest MouseWorks for OSX, I'll soon be trying out the turbomouse button programming on the TiBook.

- sf addict
[Fun will now commence!]

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Tabbed browse with third mouse button
Authored by: humbleservant on Jan 01, '03 03:53:43PM

Click on a link in Chimera with the third button on a logitech mouse and it will open the link in a new tab. Don't know if it works on other combinations of mice and browsers.


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Tabbed browse with third mouse button
Authored by: malvolio on Jan 02, '03 01:19:54AM

I can assign any of the 5 buttons on my Kensington optical mouse to do this, using their MouseWorks driver.

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USB Overdrive and Logitech
Authored by: Nikkor on Jan 10, '03 12:35:18PM

Just deinstall the Logitch driver and install usb overdrive (again). But usb overdrive can not use the additional buttons of the new Logitech mice. Alessandro doesn't know why yet.

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tablet buttons too
Authored by: mclbruce on Feb 11, '03 05:36:12PM

I use a wacom graphics tablet instead of a mounse. Programming the button(s) in a tablet can save time as well. Mine is set up so that if I tap on a link with the front button held down the link opens in a new window.

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