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Place right side items on the left side of the dock Desktop
I was tinkering around with the dock preferences, and found that it's possible to put non-application icons on the application side of the dock (the left side of the dividing line if the dock is at the bottom of the screen). I assume this would work equally well for putting application icons on the window/file side of the dock, but I haven't tried it.

To do this, navigate to ~/Library/Preferences and open, either in a text editor (if you know XML) or the Property List Editor (which I believe requires the developer tools be installed).

You will see a key under the root called "persistent-apps" and one called "persistent-others". "persistent-apps" contains all the application icons (on the left side of the dock divider) and "persistent-others" contains all the, well, others. Popping open one of the children of either of these will show you all of its information, including its name. This will let you find the item you want to move. To move it, just copy all of the information from "persistent-others" to a new child of "persistent-apps", being sure to give it a new number so you don't overwrite any existing application launchers. Save the file and log out and back in (or just kill the dock process).

I used this to put my dock menu of applications on the left, next to the Finder icon. (Unfortunately, you don't seem to be able to move the Finder or Trash icons via this tip... I'd love to have been able to put my menu on the far left of the dock.)

[Editor's note: I have not tested this hint. We had an earlier hint on this subject that pointed to a discussion thread on the MacNN forums which is now broken, so I'm publishing this one as a replacement.]
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Awesome hint...
Authored by: milhouse on Dec 23, '02 04:15:44AM

I've been looking for something like this to help reduce Dock clutter.
Combined with using directories of grouped apps and the Favorites directory in the Dock, the Dock is becomming one of my favorite features of OS X.

Happy Holidays. :-)

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No apps on the right side
Authored by: Alex281 on Dec 24, '02 10:28:14AM

I tried to put an app on the right side of the dock... I DO NOT recommend it! It starts bouncing when you click it, and the app opens fine... but it never stops bouncing! I was able to use the app with no problems but i had to force quit the dock to make the bouncing stop, it didnt even stop when I quit the app.

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No apps on the right side
Authored by: Anonymous on Dec 31, '02 02:33:37AM

Doesn't do that for me. Maybe you didn't cut and paste the entire section correctly, keeping the original formatting. I've been doing this for over a year with no ill effects. Still works fine undeo OS 10.2.3.

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Important note:
Authored by: Anonymous on Dec 31, '02 02:40:45AM

I find it easier to edit the file in TextEdit, selecting and dragging the section from <dict> to </dict> of the dock item I want to move from the persistent-others side to the persistent-apps side.
It is necessary to lock the file once you save it, or else, if you change your dock items and restart, the item you moved will pop back to the persistent-others section. To do this, select the file, Get Info on it, and check the 'Locked' box.

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Place right side items on the left side of the dock
Authored by: astack on Mar 29, '04 11:46:11AM

It seems in Panther this hint has been broken. I tried setting it, and reloading the dock within that session works, but upon the next reboot the dock goes back to what Apple wants it to do.


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