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Solving a shared printer and hostname problem Network
For months I was frustrated that a perfectly working Brother laser printer on our home network could not be used from other machines via Printer Sharing. The printer would show up (thanks to Rendezvous) in other machines' Print Centers, but attempts to print to it from them would fail with messages like "IPP0: Undefined error." The machine to which the printer is attached also hosts a domain, But I had always referred to the machine as "gong" out of habit, and had set
in /etc/hostconfig. As it turns out, this caused a subtle discrepancy in hostname resolution that had never affected normal operation. The solution was to restore HOSTNAME="-AUTOMATIC-" in /etc/hostconfig and let OS X resolve the hostname automatically to The fix almost seems obvious in retrospect, but Brother support, Apple Geniuses and I were all barking up the wrong tree, thinking it had to be a problem with the driver or in the CUPS layer.

The key troubleshooting tool turned out to be the semi-secret built-in CUPS http interface. Enable printer sharing and access http://localhost:631 on various machines on your network. From here, it became apparent that the printer was being seen with different names from different machines. Experiments with nslookup led to the hostname being the culprit.

Short lesson: Change your sharing name all you want, but don't mess with the hostname in /etc/hostconfig unless you really have a good reason to - some aspects of OS X would rather resolve hostnames automaticaly.
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Printer Sharing does not use Rendezvous
Authored by: fxg97873 on Dec 17, '02 12:15:07PM
Printer Sharing is part of CUPS.
Any UNIX server running CUPS with
printer sharing enabled would show up
on Print Center, even though that UNIX server
does not have zeroconf (Rendezvous) protocol.
Any Rendezvous printers would show up in
Print Center under:
Add->Directory Services->Rendezvous

As a test, go to Directory Access in Utilities,
turn off Rendezvous Service discovery.

The shared printers should still show up in
Print Center.


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Printer Sharing does not use Rendezvous
Authored by: shacker on Dec 17, '02 01:33:11PM

Interesting, I did not realize that (and apparently neither did the Apple or Brother support people I spoke to). So the only part of the post you object to is this: "(thanks to Rendezvous)" - the rest is correct.

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Same Problem - But No Fix
Authored by: kbechard on Dec 18, '02 01:07:29PM

I have the same problem (ie, IPP undefined error 0) on an iBook trying to print to an HP printer connected to a Cube (via USB). This worked when the iBook was new out of the box, but sometime after installing the last security update, I can no longer print from the iBook.

CUPS on the iBook sees DESKJET_970C@Duetto.local as the name of the printer. The Cube sees the name as DESKJET_970C. I checked both hostconfig files and both have HOSTNAME="-AUTOMATIC-".

The computers are connected via a wireless network. I have checked the configuration on both the wireless access point (WAP11) and router (BEFSR41). I can't see any problems there.

Any other ideas?

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Same Problem - FIXED!
Authored by: saint.duo on Sep 14, '03 03:04:13PM

I just experienced the same problem that you are describing. The only thing that I noticed that was different is that the client was remembering my computer's old name (correct rendezvous name, but wrong "location" name in its info window). I also noticed that even if I shut off the server computer, that stored up print jobs and the printer were still being listed in print center on the client.

My fix was to go to on the client, and delete the printer there, then reboot. After that, the errors went away, and it could print again.


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Beware of
Authored by: R1 on Dec 20, '02 03:20:45AM

Hey hey,

Thanks for the tips. I just want to add that http://localhost:631 has a good chance of leading you nowhere in Internet Explorer (can't remember the name of the company who makes that...)

A NeXT/BSD/Linux geek was telling me lately that CUPS didn't work on OSX, and that's what happened to him, and he was right. His crime was, he just hadn't taken into account Microsoft's (there, I said it) incompetence.

The solution is to use instead. No, MS engwrxrniirs don't even know that. Most stupid loss of time of the month.

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