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Wireless net access with Motorola C332 and T-Mobile Internet
I just switched over to T-Mobile Cellular and lo, and behold, there is a USB port on the bottom of my Motorola C332 phone (it's the sorta kidney-bean shaped one with the blue border). The manual said it was for a computer connection and, after some looking around, also a data connection. All I needed was a USB to mini USB (I don't know what else to call it) cable. I then remembered I had one in my Camcorder bag. If you don't have one, they are easily available.

I plugged the USB cable into both computer and cell phone ... and nothing happened. I then went to my Network Preferences and it auto-detected a new Network Port (like Ethernet or Internal Modem) called Motorola Phone (C330). I created a new location called Mobile and put in my dial-up PPP settings (making sure that "Motorola Phone (C330)" was showing by the text "Show:"). Then I went to Modem and saw that there were a whole slew of Motorola modems. After trial and error, the one that worked for me was Motorola iR TimePort (7089).

After saving the configuration, I was able to dial-up through my cell phone and access the internet! Was it fast? No! Was I connected to the internet remotely with no wires except the one connecting my PowerBook to my Cell phone? YES! I thought that was pretty cool. Just a note ... you have to have T-Zones Service to make this work, and there may be charges I am not aware of.
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Wireless net access with Motorola C332 and T-Mobile | 16 comments | Create New Account
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Additional Information
Authored by: aboswell on Dec 13, '02 04:24:25PM

Just a postscript...

You do NOT have to have T-Zones for this to work. You incur NO additional charges. All you incur are minutes against your calling plan. I suggest NOT transferring large files as the connection is 9.6Kbps.

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The name of the cord is...
Authored by: Andawei on Dec 14, '02 02:17:53AM

USB A to USB B, found in most computer stores and electronics shops.

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The name of the cord is...
Authored by: aboswell on Dec 14, '02 10:52:43PM

I don't think so. USB A is the one on the back of your computer. USB B is the square plug for the back of a printer. This plug is smaller that that. I don't know what it is called, but it is maybe 3/8 of an inch wide by 3/16 id an inch. It flares out on the bottom.

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The name of the cord is...
Authored by: rusto on Dec 14, '02 11:41:55PM
Yah, my Nixvue has this same connector, regular USB at one end and something kinda funky at the's a photo of it:

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The name of the cord is...
Authored by: rusto on Dec 15, '02 10:49:43AM

BTW, the end of the connector illustrated in my previous post has a distinct capital "B" on it.

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Additional Information
Authored by: pfooosk on Dec 14, '02 09:22:53PM

Yes, that's true. As long as your doing a plain-old dial-up connection, (aka circuit-switched) you only incur charges against your monthly minute bucket.

Now, to make it really interesting, try hooking yourself up to the Net via GPRS (General Packet Radio Service). Along with being packet switched, you should see speeds of up to 56kbps; it really depends on whether you're moving around.

In order to enable this though, you're going to have to enable another modem in your network settings. Since I don't have the phone here, I can recommend a site with most of the how-to's you could need: (Scroll down a bit.)

The other site is a UK site:
These guys have all sorts of solutions available that should get you to use GPRS. Note that for this, you're going to have to have T-Zones enabled.

And don't even think of asking T-Mobile for help with your config. As far as they are concerned, GPRS and T-Zones only works with PC's.

Good luck, and post your results if you try!

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no cariere detected
Authored by: dup310 on Jan 31, '03 02:07:58PM

I too have a c332 phone, and i have tried the modem trick, so it's not completly working.... i can see the computer compose the number on the display of my phone, but disconnect and show ''no carrier detected, please check the phone line...'' do you know how can i fix that!!!! thanks

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What about data connection
Authored by: agnepp on Dec 15, '02 08:03:06PM

I too have a C332 phone and the modem trick worked like a charm, but I stil cannot figure out how to access any of the data on the phone.
Does anyone know how to do this via mac os x?

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What about data connection
Authored by: aboswell on Dec 16, '02 01:02:57PM Go there and for a $10 shareware fee you can access your phonebook and when other things are available, those too. It imprts and exports to a text file so you can back up the phonebook as well.

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What about data connection
Authored by: aboswell on Dec 16, '02 05:54:24PM

I looked into it, and it looks like it may work. The problem is that the demo version only connects at 9.6Kbps and the real version costs 100 Euros! I'll hold out.

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Special USB Cable--the Correct, Really Really Correct Name
Authored by: Wurlybird9 on Dec 30, '02 06:07:56AM
I'm not a Mac user, but I was searching for this same cable. I did a little research and found out that the connector is a standard usb Mini-B. So the cable would be USB A to Mini-B. There are also gender-change adapters available if you don't want a whole cable. Here's a link to start:
(hmm, lame, can't actually make a link)

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More fun with Bluetooth!
Authored by: Morwen on Jan 19, '03 04:11:08PM

I have a Sony Ericsson T68i and a bluetooth adapter for my iBook.
I don't have Tzones, and I set mine up to use my wireless bluetooth
connection to my phone to use a local dialup connection to my
internet provider.

This is one step up on cool...NO wires. :grin:

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Wireless net access with Motorola C332 and T-Mobile
Authored by: jeffmr on Feb 20, '03 03:03:11PM

Is it possible to send a fax through FaxSTF with this phone? I am only able to add Apple Internal Modem to the Print Center per FaxSTF instructions, not my cell phone.


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Wireless net access with Motorola C332 and T-Mobile
Authored by: douglasclements on Mar 18, '03 07:13:22AM

Hi, all!

OK, I'm want to get inthe game but don't know--if you start out fresh--which mobile phones with bluetooth work with WHICH plans.

I want one to use it simple, not paying for data rates, just dial-up (preferably bluetooth) from any location for simple e-mail.

Any suggestions?




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Wireless net access with Motorola
Authored by: elizabethon on Nov 20, '04 11:22:05AM

So, I have connected my phone to the internet using a motorola cable. I am on a Powerbook 10.3.4 . I put all the setting in correctly (I found the null modem 19200 worked using password vzw. Great! It worked! My only problem is that my computer saves the information in such a way that I have to reconfigure everything everytime I change the way my computer connects (between wireless to another land line) etc.

Any suggestions? It says its saving the configurations but when I look it has completely changed the password (making it 8 characters instead of 3)
What is going on?

Thank you any who may answer!


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Wireless net access with Motorola
Authored by: redfitz on Jan 09, '06 11:12:27PM

How do you know which phone number, account name and password to use in the PPP settings in order for this to work?

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