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File Mail messages while the drawer is closed Apps
I discovered by accident that you can file a message in Mail without first manually opening the drawer to view the folders.

Try this: drag a message header from the inbox toward the edge of the Mail window. Watch the drawer automatically pop open! Continue dragging the message to the desired folder (or spring-loaded subfolder), release the message, move the mouse back into the inbox window, and presto, the drawer will automatically close!
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Not only that
Authored by: Squeak on Dec 11, '02 10:00:40AM

But your mailboxes are in a context menu:
control/click on a message:transfer->mailbox


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Not only that
Authored by: johnseal on Dec 12, '02 09:45:56AM

I wish the transfer-->mailbox feature was available when viewing a message in a separate window (I prefer that over the 3-pane view). After I've read the message and decided where to file it, I have to flip back to the message list window and file it from there. Fortunately, doing so closes the message window so it's only one extra step instead of two.

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Smart on this, but...
Authored by: tomem on Dec 11, '02 10:29:51AM

Why the heck can we not drag a message to the desktop or a folder and get the same action as Save As...? Or a list of options if a default is not designated?

Also, why can't a folder name or an address book entry be edited by clicking on it?

Still a few rough edges, I guess...

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Smart on this, but...
Authored by: bhamm on Dec 11, '02 08:57:34PM

It does seem a tad 'rough' at times, but man do i LOVE this spam killing email app. I could do without additional options at this point if they would simply make Mail more responsive.. I've got a 550 Ti with 512MB and a 5400 speed drive.. and I'm beginning to tire of the reaction time when moving around through Mail.

That said, I'd like to see the following (after more speed):

- User definable attachment encoding options (binhex, uuencode, etc)
- A 'next message' button in the toolbar (I have my preview pane disabled for annoying HTML messages). I can't move to the next one and recycle the same message window
- Did I already mention SPEED?.. please Apple! =)


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