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Regarding kernel panics and 10.2 System
I was getting a strange message on screen when trying to play Castle Wolfenstein and also during the Jedi Knight Demo. It was a gray screen with a message in four languages reading:
You need to restart your computer. Hold down the power button for several seconds or press the Restart button.
I did a little research and found the error to be the new 10.2 kernel panic screen. A little more reading on the Apple forums provided a suggestion to remove the Microsoft mouse and use the original one button Apple mouse. That worked, and I've had no other panics, but I thought the following article from Apple's Knowledge Base might be a good reference for others who have been having similar problems or getting this new mesage and pulling a Feiss:

All about Kernel Panics

[Editor's note: I've been meaning to write a brief blurb on the fancy new kernel panic screen for a few months now ... someone beat me to the punch! If you haven't had a panic in Jaguar yet, check out the Knowledge Base article for a screenshot. It's definitely nicer than the black and white screen of death, but it's still a bit shocking the first time it happens -- I know I was quite surprised when my iBook politely informed me it needed to be restarted!]
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Regarding kernel panics and 10.2 | 19 comments | Create New Account
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easy way
Authored by: da5idonimac on Dec 11, '02 10:38:27AM
according to someone on slashdot, a kernel panic om 10.2.2 is retty easily achived doing this in the terminal: mkdir ~/mydir; cd ~/mydir; mkdir mydir; mv mydir ...

have fun

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I don't get this part...
Authored by: mxwve on Dec 11, '02 11:04:47AM
"A little more reading on the Apple forums provided a suggestion to remove the Microsoft mouse and use the original one button Apple mouse."

So, does that mean getting rid of my Intellimouse Optical? I have both the m$ mouse and the Apple Pro Mouse connected to the USB ports of my keyboard, and I've only experienced one kernel panic after optimizing the drive, after having played many hours of RTCW with the m$ mouse.

I've been checking Apple's forums but haven't found any information on this, maybe I haven't searched enough.

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Disable MS Mouse Preferences
Authored by: Spencerian on Dec 11, '02 12:45:55PM
Maybe another clarification would help: Jedi Knight II and Castle Wolfenstein have their own mouse-button mapping system. This system conflicts with the IntelliMouse system preference software (Microsoft Mouse) for Mac OS X. This may cause weird behavior in your games, from the inability to map mouse buttons, game features activating all by themselves, to kernel panics. To resolve this, first try excluding the application from using the driver. To do this, open the Microsoft Mouse system preference. Click the Add button in the pane, just below the Global Settings pop up menu. In the dialog box that appears, choose the application you want to exclude and click the Choose button. Finally, check the box "Disable IntelliPoint features for the application selected to the left." If this doesn't help, be sure you have the latest Microsoft Mouse driver. Currently, this is version 3.1.0, available from Microsoft's Mouse web site.

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thats how it works:
Authored by: hcii on Dec 11, '02 11:11:07AM

type this in terminal: "mkdir x; mkdir x/x; mv x/x ."
you are trying to repace a folder with its contents; the finder will gie youan error message stating this.

this is a known bug in 10.2.2 and will be fixed in 10.2.3.
other unix systems like linux say:
"mv: cannot overwrite directory `./x'"

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Server Panic
Authored by: shurakai on Dec 11, '02 02:36:34PM

I had got this screen in Server as well, but I don't use a Microsoft Mouse, or play games in Server... iTunes, Terminal, and the Workgroup manager were open, but I wasn't doing anything particularly worrisome.


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Kernel Panics?
Authored by: tsugaru on Dec 11, '02 06:00:12PM


I have Jedi Knight II and RTCW and a Microsoft Mouse. Not once have I had a kernel panic. I have 10.2.2 on a Quicksilver 867. Seems fine to me.

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kernel panic, 10.2 style
Authored by: tomem on Dec 11, '02 09:50:44PM

I was convinced I'd been invaded by a new virus, the first time it happened.

Have had several of them on my PBG4, mostly in connection with sharing a disk from my OS9 Powermac 6500. It's been more stable lately....?

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Kernel panics
Authored by: ewelch on Dec 11, '02 11:54:37PM
I had a boatload of kernel panics last friday. My computer wouldn't run five minutes before crashing over and over again. Didn't matter what I was doing.

So I did a clean install of 10.2 and upgraded to .2.2 and it's been perfect ever since. Even restored all my settings except sharing preferences, and I didn't have to reinstall anything.

Thanks to this tip, I found the Apple support article on the topic and it directed me to the panic.log in the /library/logs folder (which was in my "previous systems folder" since I had done the clean install).

What was consistent in every single report was:

Kernel loadable modules in backtrace (with dependencies):


Any idea what this is referring to?

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Kernel panics
Authored by: rmuir on Dec 12, '02 09:15:58AM
>Any idea what this is referring to?

My guess is Norton Utilities... I had a devil of a time with kernel panics
and journaling on 10.2.2 after doing the most recent upgrade to NUM. I
eventually disabled journaling and then things were fine. I've since
reenabled journaling and things are working fine. I'm still intending to
remove the NUM cruft. And BTW, there's references to kernel panics and
Norton Utilities on the Symantec website.

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Kernel panics
Authored by: klktrk on Dec 12, '02 12:17:51PM

Norton Utilities causing kernel panics in 10.2.2 is well documented. It was tracked on the MacFixit site about a month ago. (Symantec makes Norton Utilities).

My recommendation, which is a position I've taken with most of my clients for the past year, is to forget Norton: It almost always causes more problems than it helps. Use Virex for Virus detection, and a VERY occasional use of DiskWarrior when disk problems appear.

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ms mouse and kvm switch
Authored by: veshman on Dec 12, '02 05:43:44AM

Hi, I use a MS Intellimouse Explorer (great mouse) and I have noted a few kernel panics with Jaguar. The ONLY time these have happened is when I've swtiched between my Mac and PC via the KVM switch (sharing keyboard, video, mouse) several times in short while.

Restarting the machine solves the problem.

Thanks for the link.

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ms mouse and kernel errors
Authored by: Gorloth on Dec 12, '02 08:36:31PM

I have a new dual 1 Gig MMD running 10.2.2 and have had a kernel panic requiring a power down and restart almost every time after the computer went to sleep, other oddities include programs that just wouldn't start, etc... I finally did an Apple hardware test and found 1 consistent bad 512M DIMM. I had 3 installed. I removed the erroneous one and 60% of my problems went away. I had already taken my MS cordless optical and put the original Apple optical back on. Even did several clean installs. Finally removed the remaining two 512Meg DIMM's and put the original 256Meg DIMM in and have been running with out a hitch. BTW I called Kingston and they said to send all 3 DIMMS back for replacement. I'll keep my fingers crossed and test by adding only one DIMM at a time. A little off base but has anyone had this problem. After waking from sleep, I type in a URL but it doesn't seem to take the first keystroke. Using MS Explorer 5.2.2 Thanks

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ms mouse and kvm switch
Authored by: jimhill on Jul 12, '03 03:00:02AM

Yes, this post is six months late and (rough estimate) 481 dollars short, but I can now concur with the poster before me: my only panics are coming if I switch between machines with my Belkin/IOGear USB KVM. Switch rapidly, anyway. If I don't "come back" to the Mac for a minute or so, I'll be fine, but if I flip away and back, a panic's more than likely. The kbd is a Microsoft Natural Pro and the mouse is a Logitech Cordless TrackMan. Just hoping to provide more data for future Googlers...

Mac OS X: Because making UNIX simple is easier than debugging Windows.

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ms mouse and kvm switch
Authored by: TvE on Aug 14, '03 06:00:49PM

Me too(!) - Nice to see that I am not alone, it was really beginning to annoy me, but now I can see that I am not the reason :-)

I am using a Dr. Bott 8 port USB based KVM switch switching between a 10.2.6 G4 500 MHz and a couple of win2k/XP-machines.

They all share a Logitech Cordless Desktop MX that has this great feature of placing the "ALT" and "Apple/Windows" keys at the correct physical place for BOTH the platforms(!!!)
Using the Mac's keyboard on the PeeCee swaps* the two keys - not good when you're used to "the real thing"...

* Well actually not the keys do what their labes states - but on windows' keyboards their placement are reversed - know what I mean...?

Too often I get Kernel panics at the time of switching away from the Mac.
At first I had my suspicion at Outlook 2001 (in classic) so I switched away from the classic enviroment just before I had to switch to the windows machine - but today it happened when I was "in the Finder" - the Panic frequency has decreased though after my "stay away from classic when switching" behavior - but that just might be a coincidence.

I am maintaining a detailed log-file of the crashes and what I did when it happened to see if I can find a pattern.

I think I'll try to put a USB hub between the Mac and the KVM switch - rebooting is not an acceptable workaround.

PS.: I think I have had about 5 Kernel Panics in about 1-2 months, othervise I only reboot for system updates...

PPS.: I wonder if it makes a difference to install a PCI USB card???

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Old Panic
Authored by: benfsmith on Dec 12, '02 04:48:11PM

I got the new panic shortly after installing Jaguar. I haven't had a panic since...until yesterday. Interestingly, I got the old-style text across the screen. Any idea why?

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Old Panic
Authored by: sammaffei on Dec 13, '02 01:30:52PM

System may have been so completely hosed that it couldn't even produce the dialog. Hence, it drew the "old style" text message across the screen.

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Old Panic
Authored by: asidrane on Dec 26, '02 03:24:50AM

I had the similar thign happen to me. I had one new kernel panic, thien about two weekes ago my machine paniced once a day for a week, all old school panics. It's been panicing every now and then since. No clue why this is happening.

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Old Panic
Authored by: punkmanandy on Dec 31, '02 01:41:01AM

i get the same stuff. i turns out that my processor is giving in to the heat. a new g4 is on the way as a replacement for this g3.

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Old Panic
Authored by: dworkman on Mar 09, '03 06:51:23PM

How did you managae to diagnose the hardware fault?

My Powerbook G3 Series is constantly panicing at the moment, I did a clean install of Jaguar and am still having the problem - only thing I can think of is a hardware issue.

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