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Disable journaling if using Norton SystemWorks Apps
Disable journaling on your drives before updating to Norton SystemWorks 7.0.3 to prevent kernel panics!

I just used Symantec Live Update to install the latest Norton utilities patch. After this, I started getting kernel panics. Fortuantely, these kernel panics did not occur right after reboot, but after the machine was up for about five minutes (I suspect Norton Filesaver is to blame). This "delayed" panic gave me time to disable journaling on my drive. I have received no more panics since I disabled journaling. You can read about the problem in Symantec's knowledge base article 2002120309434011.

[Editor's note: I know this has been covered on other Mac sites, but I thought it deserved a spot in the database here for those who might be searching in the future...]
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Stop using Norton utilities
Authored by: deleted_user18 on Dec 10, '02 10:23:49AM

Why do people use these Norton tools? Can somebody please explain?

They are always in the way with OS X updates and there is nothing which can't be done without them (fsck, etc.).

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Stop using Norton utilities
Authored by: robmorton on Dec 10, '02 11:10:11AM

I wouldn't say nothing, but I would say you are better off with journalling than Norton Utilities. Sadly, we have to use Norton Anti Virus which is worthless and just as bad on the system.

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Stop using Norton utilities
Authored by: alejules on Dec 13, '03 11:31:16AM

what do you suggest to use instead of NSW or Norton Utilities?

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Re: Stop using Norton utilities
Authored by: trevor on Dec 14, '03 12:03:44AM

DiskWarrior is far superior to Norton Disk Doctor for hard drive repair.

At this time, there is no need for a virus checker in OS X unless you are running MS Office.


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Re: Stop using Norton utilities
Authored by: marcog on Dec 14, '03 10:50:51AM

Does anybody know some other software that can replace Norton Speed Disk?
Ok, I am not going to use NSW anymore but I am going to miss Speed Disk for disk defragmentation.
Having journaling enabled on Panther doesn't keep files defragmented, does it?


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Re: Stop using Norton utilities
Authored by: MaxMarino on Dec 14, '03 01:24:02PM

Panther automatically defrag files under 20MB.

Moreover, it does not suffer (as well as other Unix systems) measurably from fragmentation. It is not OS 9.

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I agree, stop using Norton
Authored by: syko on Dec 10, '02 02:54:00PM

If you need to run Norton or some other disk utility, BOOT off of the CD it came with and run the programs.

but, never never never install it onto your machine..

if you have it installed, UNinstall it NOW.

your computer will love you for it

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re: I agree, stop using Norton
Authored by: huzzam on Feb 12, '03 07:09:10PM

Unfortunately, when you boot off the cd, DiskDoctor can't deal with large drives, because they only allocated something like 5mB to the program on the CD. It chokes about 25% through my 30 gig main partition every time, saying it ran out of memory.

Why they didn't set it to at least 25mB--since who the hell has less than 64mB these days anyway (if they can run the OS9 that's on the CD)--is way beyond me. I mean, if you're booted from the CD, you're not gonna go run ProTools & need the memory for that.... [Wow, what punctuation mark have I *not* used in this post? Oh yeah: it's the exclamation point! ;]


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To work around the
Authored by: gvitale on Feb 13, '03 06:45:19AM

To work around the "out of memory" problem, go to the Preferences menu, deselect all the file check options but one, and scan to fix that particular problem; than select more options an proceed until most of the file problems have been fixed. The "bad backup date" problem cannot be fixed, so don't bother.
Once most of the file problems have been fixed, the "out of memory" problem shouldn't appear anymore (well, only until a large amount of problems accumulate in that disk again, that is). This fixed the problem for me.
I think that the problem is that DD holds record of the problems it finds in RAM memory, and when it tops a certain amount, it just cannot handle anymore and it stops.
Anyway, I agree with previous posters: Norton for Mac is dead; it makes more problems than it fixes. Use DiskWarrior instead.

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