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Using iSiloXC to sync web content to the Palm OS Apps
Since Avantgo doesn't have (and looks to never have) a conduit for Palm Desktop 4, I had bought iSilo reader for Palm, and have been using iSiloX for Mac OS X for a while and find it to be very, very good .. and I did try to get Plucker working first, but had no luck.

But there is no way of automating iSiloX, so I got the command line version called iSiloXC. Unfourtunatly, it says in the readme "This command-line version of the converter does not support automatic queueing of converted documents for HotSync(R)." This makes no sense, by the nature of UNIX, any command can be automated (via cron). So, I chose to assume that warning was to mean that iSiloXC could not be triggered by a HotSync.

I downloaded and played with iSiloXC, and was unable to get it to work, automated or not. I created a small test file (creating a iSilo doc from the "plinkit home page" in iSiloX, saved out the .ixl file and ran isiloXC -x plinkit.ixl). It appears to work (running it with '-v' for verbose, it even claims "Writing destination file..."), but no "destination files" are actually written (not even to the wrong place!). NOTE: I replaced my /Users/ name with 'user' and my palm user's name with 'palmuser' in all path examples. I had tried
  1. Setting the .ixl to the hotsync user:
  2. Setting the .ixl to a destination file, which resulted in the path:
    <Path>Macintosh HD:Users:user:Documents:Palm:Users:palmuser:
    Files to Install:SecureDigital (SD) Card:</Path>
    (That should be one line, no spaces)

  3. Changing the path to a UNIX path (reference):
    Files\ to\ Install/SecureDigital\ \(SD\)\ Card/
    (Again, that's all one on line)
Unfortunately, one of the above worked. After more experimenting, I found the problem. iSiloXC does not like escaped characters in paths, and a space in a folder name is escaped; "\ ". So the path:
WORKS! But, of course, this will not put files where they will install on HotSync. The answer came in creating a symbolic link to the "Files to install/SecureDigital (SD) Card" (I used /Users -> user -> Documents -> Palm -> Users -> palmuser -> sdcard'). In the .ixl file, set path to:
Now create a cron job to run every day (or whatever), and you have iSilo web content available on schedule, automatically.
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Using iSiloXC to sync web content to the Palm OS | 5 comments | Create New Account
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Authored by: Anonymous on Dec 06, '02 12:00:57PM

i've been trying to do this for ages but kept running into the missing-file phenomenon too... thanks for posting this!

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Use un-escaped path name
Authored by: kyngchaos on Dec 06, '02 12:12:47PM

I've been using iSiloXC for quite a while with no problems with pathnames - just don't escape the path. So my path looks like:

<Path>/Users/user/Documents/Palm/Users/Palm User/Files To Install/</Path>

instead of:

<Path>/Users/user/Documents/Palm/Users/Palm\\ User/Files\\ To\\ Install/</Path>

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Use un-escaped path name
Authored by: kyngchaos on Dec 06, '02 12:27:06PM

whoops, preview and actual output of geeklog don't match for escaping. There's only one backslash in the second example.

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Authored by: zeusr on Dec 08, '02 10:52:41AM

I find it interesting that plucker couldn't be made to work on your machine, as I have both plucker and sitescooper ( on my machine working fine. If I remember correctly, I had to download and install ALL components that the Python scripts use for it to work (I think the ones distributed with OS X are older than the ones expected). I can install the updates from the UNIX directory of the install tarball without problems.

I wish I could remember all the stuff I did to get it to work... :-)

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Plucker and iSiloX
Authored by: atmasphere on Dec 08, '02 11:32:25AM

You can use the iSiloX client <>which was recently released to convert documents directly from the desktop app. You can also use the jPluckX app <>to convert plucker format docs as well from your desktop. You will need to have installed the latest java (1.4.1r6) in order for this to work, but it is well worth it. I documented what worked for me here -

Here are a couple of sites to get some good URLs to use as well:

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