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Use a Sanyo 4900 phone as a wireless modem Internet
If you have a Sanyo 4900 phone and would like to use it as a wireless modem, here's how to do it. First, to give credit where credit is due; this document explains how to get things working under Linux. To answer a question on that page, yes, the cable from Sanyo is much cheaper and yes it's the right cable. The phone gets picked up as a standard modem titled "Sanyo USB Phone".

You will also need service. Sprint's latest "vision" plans are pretty well priced, and don't rip you off at all. The only thing that sucks if that the off-peak minutes start at 9 pm, but if you're okay with that, then you can get the phone for $50, and apparently there's a rebate on the phone over at Amazon. I'm going to go look today, but I digress...

[Editor's note: No Sanyo phone here, so this hint is untested...]

Plug in the phone, and you will be prompted to create a new connection when it's detected. On the TCP/IP tab, click Use PPP, and enter your name servers for another connection. I don't know the IP's of Sprint's Vision name servers, otherwise I would share. It would certainly help with latency if you could get those.

Move over to the PPP tab. Put a name in the Provider line (I used Sprint PCS Vision) then click on PPP Options. Check "Disconnect when Users Logs out" if you prefer, and also "Send PPP echo packets", Use TCP header compression", and "Connect using a terminal window".

Move over to the Modem tab and select "Null Modem 115200" from the list.

Apply your changes and open up Internet Connect. Choose Show Modem Status in the menu bar. This part's optional but reccommended. Now either choose Connect -> Manual Dial from the Internet Connect application, or click the phone handset and click Connect (the easier option usually). The dialing process will start. Shortly thereafter, a terminal window will pop up. Wait a few seconds, and then type:
Your keys may feel "dead" at first, hit "A" once or twice and it will finally appear. Hit return and you should get this response:
Then type:
You will be greeted with "Connecting..." and the terminal window will disappear. You'll be on!

The connection is VERY latent. That is, the time from making a request to getting the intial response is long, but after the data transfer commences, it's not too bad. 12k/sec unlimited minutes wirelessly is hardly something to complain about!
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Anyone tried this with BlueTooth?
Authored by: scottcoats on Dec 05, '02 11:01:03AM

I'd love to lose the cable. Has anyone tried this with a BlueTooth connection. Any reason why that wouldn't work the same way?

I've asked Sprint about this and they said to "contact the BlueTooth folks." Not too tech-savvy, I'm afraid.

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Anyone tried this with BlueTooth?
Authored by: instrument on Dec 05, '02 11:26:34PM

well seeing sprint has no bluetooth phones, how could they possibly answer you question?

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would need one cable
Authored by: tz on Dec 07, '02 07:45:05PM

My Sharp Zaurus has software to act as an Access Point, but I require a serial cable from the phone to the Zaurus. But this does help in places where the signal is only good where I can't easily put my laptop.

A similar, perhaps more simple method would be serial to serial/bluetooth converter, but they are still expensive.

The LG 5350 does both USB and Serial. No Sprint phone I could find would do IrDA or BlueTooth.

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not just for Sanyo by the way...
Authored by: dkwyman on Dec 05, '02 02:46:03PM

The hint applies only to Verizon subscribers:
ATD#777 for direct web connection with user/password both = "qnc"

For SprintPCS subscribers, the hint would read:
ATD#2932 for direct web connectiont with user/password both = "web"

and these hints apply to modem-equipped phones other than SANYO as well.

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data usage
Authored by: db on Dec 05, '02 10:17:55PM

#777 works well! ....I had the USB cable and sanyo 4900 phone and connected to the internet with this Need DNS server(s) or won't work. No passwords or usernames, telephone# needed with #777 . Could probabably modify null modem script to automate AT commands?
Does anybody know if this is counted as "data" usage on Sprint PCS Vision? I only have 2mb with my plan.

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probably counts - new plan is unlimited
Authored by: tz on Dec 07, '02 07:11:57PM

I am fairly sure it counts against the data usage. You should check your bill at

The plan (at least through the end of November) was $30/mo for 300 anytime minutes, unlimited night/weekend, and 3 months free of UNLIMITED Sprint PCS Vision with a $10/mo surcharge after that (which is still cheap). They also had $50 off the phone as part of the promo.

Other data calls (calling a fax or modem) cost $0.35/minute and aren't included.

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Sprint PCS on the Mac
Authored by: mewrite8014 on Apr 04, '03 04:54:56PM

I've heard a couple of you talking about Sprint Vision name servers and
DNS servers, but the guys at Sprint say they don't know. (what else is
new?) If you could share, that would be great. My efforts to duplicate
your efforts continue to produce a message that says "A modem error
occured. Please verify your settings and try again" after attempting to
dial. Something is working, but I'm not quite getting there.

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data usage
Authored by: juz10mac on Dec 09, '04 10:22:37AM

On my plan, it is just part of the phone's vision features, which for me is free. This just lets you tap into your phone's internet access (the internet connection it uses to check email and that sort of thing).

This works great for me. I'd say this hint is a must for anyone with a sanyo 4900 and a Mac laptop.

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Sanyo 4900 as USB modem
Authored by: pedrog on Dec 06, '02 12:26:04AM

In case you have a Sprint PCS Vision phone, here is the configuration needed to make work as a data modem using Sprint\'s ISP:

Running under Mac OS 10.2, the phone is detected when plugged. I have a Sanyo phone, so it shows up as SANYO USB Phone. You need to get the USB cable. Sanyo sells one for $30. Sprint sells a connection kit for $70 that includes the cable and PC software (practically worthless).

Use the following settings:
Under network control panel, select Network Port Configurations and check SANYO USB Phone.
Show SANYO USB Phone and on modem tab, select \"au cdma C413S by Sony\" modem script.
In PPP tab, place telephone number as \"#777\". Leave account name and password blank.
In PPP advance options uncheck all boxes.

Use Internet Connect to connect. The modem script is set for a 115Kbps top speed.

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Sanyo 4900 as USB modem
Authored by: ovidiu on Dec 06, '02 01:51:57PM

Apparently you can get the USB cable from Radio Shack, part no 170-0782, for only $19.99. If they don't have it in store, they should be able to order it and send it to your home.

I'm going to RadioShack tonight and order one.

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Sanyo 4900 as USB modem
Authored by: cyberjack on Dec 30, '02 12:35:11AM

I followed your instructions and it worked fine as for the mac reconizing the cellphone. I yet have to try a connection. I don't have service yet cuz im waiting for my old plan to expire. Tnks for the info. It work flawlessly. Question: Do you or anyone here know how to get the mac to access features of the phone. (i.e. FurtureDial's -SnapSync-SnapDialer-SnapMedia- software?) I would like some how to sync my address book and download pics and ringers for my phone.


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Sanyo 4900 as USB modem
Authored by: cyberjack on Mar 06, '03 03:12:59AM

*** Update *** I'm online with the phone! I didn't used the \"au cdma C413S by Sony"\ script. I found a \"Sprint PCS script"\ near the bottom of the list. So I used that one. It works great. I guess apple added later to the list or I just forgot that I downloaded it from sprints website and installed it. Humm. I have OS 10.2.3 now. Ya.. I think they added it. Oh well it works.
The phone displays Packet: Rec and Trx bars to show you that you are actually transmitting and receiving packets. Really fun to watch for a bit. I notice that at Apples website the graphics are a bit downgraded. I guess the site sees the slower speed and adjusts accordingly or Safari has something to do with it. Whatever, the damn thing works.
Please feel free to Email me if you have any questions.


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Amazon has this phone free!
Authored by: ovidiu on Dec 06, '02 02:02:59PM
Check out this Amazon deal, you basically get the phone for free. For a USB data cable, apparently RadioShack has it for $19.99, just ask for part number 170-0782. These cables are very hot, check out this eBay auction: $91!! It's insane, the same cable is sold by Sanyo for $30!

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Amazon has this phone free!
Authored by: cyberjack on Dec 30, '02 12:03:44AM

I just bought a Sanyo 4900 two weeks ago (not yet got service, still waiting for old phone service to expire) and I just bought the FutureDial mobile phone data cable from Radio Shack for $19.99 (170-0782).. I didn't get the software because du! it's useless. Found this page on a google/apple search and followed the instructions from this site( tnks! pedrog). I plugged in the phone to the computer and then went to the system profiler, clicked on the devices tab and in the usb devices there it was! My cellphone. This worked really cool! I don't buy much from Radio Shack because of their prices but this was the best deal and it was in stock! (really! no kidding!) Im running OS 10.2 on my iBook 366 clamshell version. This cable works! Go out today and buy it.

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LG 5350 also, serial, more tips...
Authored by: tz on Dec 07, '02 07:03:20PM

The LG 5350 ($50 or so more than the Sanyo) via USB (if you can get the Sprint Cable - the LG has built-in USB and is recognized as a Qualcomm CDMA modem) also works, in this case "out of the box" though I use normal dialing with #777 in the phone number.

The LG also supports a serial port (more about that below), but no Sprint phone I know of has IrDA or BlueTooth. The PCMCIA card isn't covered in the same plan, it is $99/month for unlimited usage.

One note: Many people (including me) are reporting only getting 4 kilobytes per second or slower downloads. It depends on the location. Still, this is as good as many wired dialups and works almost anywhere.

The USB cable from sprint uses the USB standard colors (Red, Green, Black, Red and Shield) directly to the phone connector pins (5 pins including the shield). This cable either charges or maintains the LG's battery as well.

The LG also supports Serial (at 19200, 115200, and 230400) via a different cable (with electronics within), so it works with my Zaurus which I can turn into a wireless access point with some extra programs.

The LG doesn't support any kind of downloading or uploading of things like ringtones or images (Apparently the Sanyo can), nor does it have a speakerphone, but does have a monitor. Downloading can be done wirelessly if you can set up a server (or have your ISP add a thing or two to the mime types) and you read the developer's area of The LG has well over 2 megabytes for such things (I have a 400K midi file from the which plays on the polyphonic synth - the sound is good for a phone).

Conversely, the LG does support data calls and outbound (don't know about inbound) FAX, but these aren't included in the plan and are $0.35/minute. I.e. if you have a modem to your private network (or even ISP), you can do ATDT12345678901 and if a modem is found it will connect. Or if you have FCLASS 2.0 fax software on your computer it can similarly dial and transmit a fax. It can also receive data calls (there is a "data in" mode), i.e. a modem can dial YOUR computer. (this may also work for inbound fax, but I haven't got this working). This may or may not work on the Sanyo or other models.

Also, the charging cradle for the LG (a clamshell design - does data connection when closed) allows plugging in the data cable - apparently the Sanyo doesn't.

Other features like voice dialing or the voice memo recorder can be found from the manual - do a google search or go on for the PDF.

FYI, 777 is "PPP" on the keypad.

I've had some trouble with the serial, either having to turn DNS off or disabling VJ Header compression.

One other quirk is that it will "sleep" after about 20 seconds of inactivity. This can happen when a web page request takes longer than this to respond, or if you have an SSH session and don't type anything for a while. When "asleep", it will only wake up from the local end, so you may have to ping or tweak pppd to check the link more often to this to keep the pipe open, otherwise the remote end is likely to timeout.

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WARNING: Plan Details
Authored by: nvdingo on Dec 09, '02 11:57:50AM

This is retyped directly from the service agreement available at any sprint reseller for the Unlimited PCS Vision plan.
Sprint may deny or terminiate service without notice where use is in connections with server devices or host computer applications, other systems that drive continuous heavy traffic or data sessions, or as substitutes for private linesw or frame relay connections. Unlimited PCS Vision offer for PCS Free & Clear Plans with Vision is:(a) only available with a Vision capable PCS phone or PCS smart phone device; and (b) not available with Connection Cards, Aircards, or any other device used in connection with a computer or PDA - including phones, smart phones or other device used with connection kits or similar phone-to-computer/PDA accessories. Sprint reserves the right to deny or to terminate service without notice for misuse

So watch yourself, because suing that USB cable qualifies your for termination according to this clause.

At first, when i talked to a guy at a sprint store (not just a reseller) he said i could hook it up to my computer.
when i called him back this morning and asked him about that paragraph in particular, he checked with his manager, who siad, no, you probably shouldn't use it that way, and it wouldn't fall under the unlimited plan.

So while we may not have heard about people getting their plans canceled, i would suspect we will

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Clarification and more...
Authored by: FlashBIOS on Mar 25, '03 07:35:00PM

I just called Sprint to put an end to my fears. I asked if there are any additional charges to unlimited Vision use when the phone is connected to the computers. Unlimited Vision is unlimited with a caveat for "excessive" use, you may get your service turned off -- but no extra charges. Surfing and emailing when you are away from your primary connection is fine.

But PLEASE don't take my word for it as things may change. Call them. The number for Vision Center is 1-877-228-2257.

Also I bought my cable at Best Buy for $30. It doesn't charge the phone when connected to the computer. Do any of them?

And finally you don't need to enter DNS information. This may have changed from the original post, but now they are sending the DNS addresses when the PPP connection is established.

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WARNING: Plan Details
Authored by: protean on Aug 09, '03 12:53:34AM

I took notice of their warning until I decided to ask if they had an "occasional use" plan for data capable phones such as the 4900. I have had the data cable and have monkeyed around with it for quite some time.

This was the reply, as always, a prime example of the english language:

Thank you for contacting Sprint.

We do not offer data connection kit for our Vision-enabled PCS
Phones, to be used as a modem for Internet access through laptop.

If you have a data connection kit whereby you can use your device as
a modem for the laptop, you can access Internet through it.

You have Unlimited PCS Vision included in your service plan. Hence,
you will not be charged for web access.

We appreciate your relationship with us, and look forward to serving
you in future.

Monty P.

Sounds to me like the go ahead. However, since I don't want to loose my account I am going to take this letter in and discuss it with a store rep and explain the contradiction.

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PLEASE help me!
Authored by: asrielle13 on Jan 21, '03 11:13:15AM

Okay, I don't know if I am stupid or something, but I can't get this to work.
I have followed all of the directions in the article, and it does connect for a
half a second, then it disconnects. The message says something about PPP not making remote connection. Can some one please help, like give me the ISP numbers or something? I bought the cable & the phone based on this idea & the sprint people are pretty much useless in helping me connect (as I have a mac). Please email soon if you have any answers. Thanks so much.

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Works OK with a few issues
Authored by: ksujeff99 on Jan 22, '03 11:26:29AM
I am using a Sanyo 5300 with the cable I bought directly from Sanyo for $30. Like others have said, about 10 seconds after I plugged the phone into my Powerbook a dialogue box appeared declaring that a new network setting was available. I configured the PPP settings to use the username/password of web/web and to dial the number #777. I changed the Modem script to Sprint PCS Vision and that is it! Using the modem menu bar icon I choose 'Connect' and if everything is working right the phone's display changes to a white packet Tx/Rx screen. I am able to connect about ever fourth time. If I hit connect and nothing changes on the phone, I choose disconnect, unplug the phone, plug it back in, and try again. I seem to get better results if the phone is not "sleeping" when I try to dial. Dialing only takes 3-4 seconds and then I'm connected.

Another problem I am finding is the timeout issue. If I don't send/receive any data for about 20 seconds the connection goes south. My solution to this is to just open up terminal and use the ping command. I ping a random IP address (the address doesn't matter--vision doesn't let the ping go through anyway). The ping command will attempt to send a small packet every few seconds. You can see on the phone's Tx display that thre is data being sent as well. So far using this method, I have managed to keep a connect up for over 30 minutes with no problem.

System info: PowerBook G4 800, 10.2.3, Sanyo 5300, Sanyo brand phone to USB cable

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Works OK with a few issues
Authored by: r2mac on Jan 23, '03 08:52:50PM

Just for information,
I have a Samsung N400 and tried connecting using the ATD#777 with the configurations described above and it worked well the first day. Today I tried it and could only get connected once, which was a good one (after about an hour of iChat I disconnected). When I would get connected it would connect then it would disconnect immediatley, and sometimes it would say that there was a crossed connection. But then after that I could not get it to connect for anything. So I will definitely try it using the "PCS Vision" method as stated above, and see how that goes. If anyone has any ideas it would be great.

Also, being that I sell Sprint PCS phones (though I DO NOT work for Sprint), I have had a couple of customers ask about the "catch" in the usage-since the Vision is "unlimited"-and I asked my representative what it was, if there was one. According to him the Vision is used like the usage on your phone, so I am assuming that since it is "unlimited" then it is the same for laptop connectivity. But we shall see when I get my bill next month, because I have heard of Sprint charging people for connection charges, though it was an unusal circumstance. But, if I don't get any charge I will be sure to let everyone know!

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Help with LG 5350
Authored by: fyrefly on Feb 20, '03 11:20:02PM

I purchase a USB data cable for my LG 5350 from RadioShack, I then plugged the phone to the cable then the cable to my iBook. I opened Network Preference, then went to Network port configurations to see if it detected the phone but it didn't. Anyone managed to get an LG 5350 to work on Mac OS X 10.2.x, please post. I am running an iBook 600 with Mac OS X 10.2.4.

PS. I used USB Prober, it sees the cable (Prolific Technology Inc.) but not the phone.

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Help with LG 5350
Authored by: anmlib on Apr 18, '03 09:08:30PM

aparently, using the lg 5350 as a wireless modem with mac osx 10.2.4 is more complicated than doing so with certain other phones (such as the sanyo 4900), i spent a good deal of time frustrated today until i finally got it just right. here's are the steps you'll need to follow:

1. you will need to change your phone's settings:
menu > settings > setup > data in > method
the method must be changed from "usb" to "rs-232c (com port)"

2. next you must download the mac driver for the LG 5350. it is available at:

3. connect the cable to the phone and the usb port, i don't believe that it matters in which order they are connected.

4. update the system preferences:
system preferences > network >

location: you can name this anything you'd like, i chose "sprint"
show: usbserial

modem:au cdmaOne C413S by Sony
check "show modem status in menu bar"

telephone number: #777
ppp options> *leave ALL boxes unchecked*

"apply now"

5. on the menu bar, select "usbserial" then "connect"

feel free to repost or email me with any questions..

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Use a Sanyo 4900 phone as a wireless modem
Authored by: jgardner on Mar 26, '03 12:19:25AM
Use a Sanyo 4900 phone as a wireless modem
Authored by: tulmad on May 07, '03 10:52:37AM

Ok, so I got this all setup, but I have a small problem. I go to dial the modem (click connect in the modem menu), and the screen changes to the Rx/Tx screen on the phone. It shows that screen for about 5 seconds, then goes back to the normal main screen and the computer says it couldn't connect. Any ideas? FWIW, I'm not completely on a "Vision" plan yet, since I got the phone yesterday and my plan doesn't roll over for another month.

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Use a Sanyo 4900 phone as a wireless modem
Authored by: jdf74501 on May 11, '04 05:02:16PM

This also works with the Samsung A500

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