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Force fink to use a new download location UNIX
I have been using and loving Fink for a while now, but have run into problems when downloading anything associated with the libpcap library. A short while ago, the code for this package was corrupted at the site for the source code,, and the site is now dead. Some of the software packages that I wanted to install - nmap, ethereal and others - depend on this package and they would not install. Here is the work around:
  1. Copy the following files in the /sw directory (or wherever you have Fink installed) as follows:
     % cp
    % cp libpcap-0.6.2-5.patch libpcap-0.7.1-1.patch
  2. Open the files in your editor of choice as root (I use BBedit, doesn't everbody??)

  3. Replace 0.6.2 with 0.7.1 everywhere in both files

  4. Change the version number to 1 instead of 5

  5. Change the line that starts with Source: to:

  6. Go back to Fink and choose Update All

  7. Install needed software and wahlah!
Does anybody know a better way to do this? This works only because the newer version of libpcap compiles the same way. Is there a more "official" way to tell Fink to look someplace else?
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Google search
Authored by: Titanium Man on Dec 04, '02 10:11:31AM

I usually do a google search for what I need (eg libpcap-0.7.1.tar.gz), download the tarball, and put it in /sw/src. Then I do 'fink install foo'.

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A way more helpful to all
Authored by: Red Phoenix on Dec 04, '02 12:08:49PM
The best way to deal with this is type

fink selfupdate-cvs

This will update Fink and the file descriptions. Often the maintainers are on the ball with these thinks and update the packages regularly. In the case of libpcap, I was able to install libpcap 0.6.2 with no problem.

If there was still a problem, or you would like a package using version 0.7.1 instead, you can try typing

fink describe libpcap

and it will tell you who is maintaining it (in this case, Max Horn). You can either then e-mail him or better yet submit to the bug tracker at

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Authored by: sao on Dec 04, '02 04:25:27PM

As TiMan says, the easiest way to go when you can't download a file from a site with Fink, is just to download "manually" the file and mv it to /sw/src. Fink will recognize it the next time you run 'fink install packagename' .

But, if you would like to add an extra source or specify another source for the download of a fink package, the .info file for the package has a Source: line in it.



You can modify that line to make it work as you want.


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Authored by: bluehz on Dec 06, '02 09:18:41AM

If you manually download the src file and place it inteh /sw dir - does fink grab the .info and .patch files for you or do you need to manually grab those also?

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Authored by: jcltech on Dec 06, '02 10:47:23AM

Grab those from WHERE?
I had to rename the files AND alter the contents or it wouldn't work

If you find out please let me know.

Sorry - meant woohoo and NOT wahlah :-)
(wahlah is NOT a word - woohoo is a sailfish - i.e. it tries to fly :-)

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Authored by: mithras on Dec 04, '02 05:08:21PM

Thanks for the nice hint. I'd wanted to something similar just recently.

Also: A total nitpick, but the phrase is actually "voila!", not "wahlah!"

It's French for "look, there!"

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