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Workaround for Xounds window sound glitch Apps
I recently encountered a strange bug with Xounds. You know the sound of a window being dragged around? Well, that would start to play and wouldn't stop, at all. Only way I could find to fix it was to log out and back in. Which was really annoying. I emailed the guys and Unsanity about it and never heard anything about it. One day, I have no idea what I was doing, the sound started happening and I happened to click on the 'LaunchBar' icon in the menu bar. The sound instantly stopped. Now every time I get the non-stop window move sound I hit the LaunchBar menu bar icon and it ceases. Annoying little bug deserves an annoying little fix. Maybe Unsanity or the Launchbar dev team will fix the bug sometime.
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Not just launchbar...
Authored by: macgizmo on Dec 03, '02 11:43:39AM

Clicking on any other open app should stop that sound. It's a rather annoying bug in a little app that I loved. I have stopped using XSounds because I just got tired of the bug (I think it started with Jaguar). I too hope Insanity will fix this.

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Not just launchbar...
Authored by: Vanish on Dec 03, '02 12:20:18PM

Yeah, I don't have LaunchBar and this happens. I have to disagree with the above, however. Sometimes clicking on an app cures it, other times my only recourse is loging out and back in again. I too have ceased using Xounds until I know the bug has ben fixed.

Unfortunately, and perhaps even unfairly, I won't consider purchasing another Unsanity product, or recommending one to others, until they at least acknowledge that bugs like this exist and provide updates on their progress in squashing them.

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Not just launchbar...
Authored by: Ken Miller on Dec 03, '02 01:39:44PM

I also have this happen from time to time. The way I get it to stop is to right click (I use a multi button mouse) anywhere in the window. Perhaps an Apple + click would work also.

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Not just launchbar...
Authored by: DSHwrd on Dec 03, '02 07:35:26PM

So it's a wider bug than it appears to be... :\ Either way, I can _always_ get the sound to stop playing by clicking on the Launchbar icon. Clicking on other open applications doesn't do anything for me... Either way, at least people know of ways to stop it now.

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Xounds Update Coming...
Authored by: nosaj56 on Dec 03, '02 04:35:45PM

I'm a beta tester for Unsanity and a major upgrade (1.4) for Xounds will be coming up on Monday, December 9.

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Authored by: seven5 on Dec 04, '02 01:57:49AM

this bug has been around forever, it didn't start with jaguar. And YES just click somewhere else and it stops. I'm not sure why you had to log in and out, if that was the case, the bug wouldn't have lasted long.....

The guys at unsanity are great guys, and they are usually a big help. If you want email Slava and ask for the 1.4 beta, this bug is resolved in the new version. It should be out officially soon.

I was messing with the beta and its great, the response time is like 30x better, i think the actual numbers were 800ms to 20ms, not bad.....

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The App is Cr*p
Authored by: djLOKI on Dec 28, '02 03:09:25AM

Xounds started giving me it's gift of gab pre-Jag, I think about 10.1.3 (was there a 1.3? There've been so many since DP3!)

Anyway, until the "fix" is something more than clicking an open app (which didn't do it for me...logout only) I've had to pull it to. It REALLY loves to screw with apps such as Reason, Live, and Peak.

I check unsanity's site regularily, still like a little interface sound. So if anybody knows's thank you very much!

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