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A Thanksgiving note and update schedule... Site News
Today (Thursday) is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, and the purpose of the holiday (beyond gathering with friends and family and eating too much) is to give thanks. So I'd like to take a minute to thank all of you, the members of the community, for making this site such a blast to work on for the last couple of years (it turned two years old on November 4th, but I was too busy to actually note the anniversary on the site!). I am amazed at not only the number, but the quality, of the hints that have been published this year. For that, I must thank the members of the community who have contributed the awesome collection of useful hints and comments -- over 1,500 hints this year alone. Without your contributions, the volume and quality of the hints and discussion would both be much, much lower!

In addition to those who have actively participated on the site, I'd also like to thank those who have provided financial support by subscribing. has grown far beyond any thoughts I had for it when I launched it (we now average somewhere around three gigabytes of daily data transfer!), and along with that growth has come a fairly sizable increase in expenses (both out of pocket and time invested to manage the site). Those of you who have contributed have not only helped keep the site online, but have kept it advertising-free for everyone, and for that I am extremely thankful. Without your kind support, who knows if we would have made it this far...

There are good things coming in the near future -- the long awaited site upgrade is getting closer each day (but I get only a brief amount of time to work on it, hence the slowness in reaching completion), and I'm thinking of some category reorganization for next year that might make certain things easier to find. But regardless of where we go from here, thanks to each and every one of you for helping make an incredible knowledge bank for OS X users everywhere.

I'll be spending the next few days with friends and family, and as such, there won't be any new hints posted until Monday morning. Have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday (and/or weekend for the rest of the world), and I'll be back at work early Monday morning as usual!

Thanks again to everyone from your humble Editor...
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Thank YOU! (nt)
Authored by: msteiger on Nov 28, '02 03:25:56AM


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time for a book
Authored by: mwhybark on Nov 28, '02 05:06:09AM

You could collate and do a publish-on-demand thing with the hints as well, as another cost-covering revenue stream, I suspect. Edit a chapter at a time by subject and make the chapters available one at a time.

I use you guys much more than David Pogue these days, no disrepect to Mr. Pogue.

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Authored by: Mato on Nov 28, '02 07:24:54AM

No such things as thanksgiving here in France, but I want to thank you too, this site is the best help anyone could use for osX, helped so much times I cant count :). So thanks to you and happy 2 years anniversary :)

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Thanks Rob!
Authored by: imroot on Nov 28, '02 11:25:33AM

This site has been great to watch and contribute to. Thanks for the great job you've done. Now that I've got a MacOSXHints /box I can't think of how it could get much better. Happy Thanksgiving.

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Great site
Authored by: deleted_user18 on Nov 28, '02 11:48:19AM

I agree, this site is great. *Here* you get real hints on the Unix side of OS X.

At other sites you only get complaints about OS X and nobody seems to have a clue at all. Hey get out of your OS 9-world - It's not worth it :-)

So, Rob thank YOU!

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Rob needs help!
Authored by: Lizard_King on Nov 28, '02 12:11:19PM

Rob, all your hard work and dedication to this site is certainly appreciated - kudos!

I've been a faithful reader for a few months and used 'Hints to test out my own Unix knowledge, debug issues on my personal machine, test out cool tricks, and gain knowledge about Mac technology in general. The community here is leaps and bounds better than other communities that I participate in (/., kuro5hin, etc.) in terms of the group feeling and the overwhelming attitude of helping others and sharing information.

Words of caution: as 'Hints grows in size, *we* as the 'Hints community (even more so than Rob) need to ensure that the quality of macosxhints does not degrade. As a long time member of /. (over four years), I've seen that site go from intelligent discussion of a small, tight readership to essentially reading fodder on the wall of a public bathroom. We've (you!) done well so far - let's keep it up, build the community, encourage sharing and growth, report abuses, and make 'Hints that much better in the coming year.

peace out y'all - enjoy your Turkeys!

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thank you
Authored by: davidnorton on Nov 28, '02 12:43:31PM

"Thank you Lord for your abundant blessings of family, friendship, food, and Mac OS X Hints."

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Thanks go to you, Rob!!! And you, and you...
Authored by: watson on Nov 28, '02 04:11:00PM

This site is awesome, it's simply great to see so many people sharing knowledge, always ready to help, and don't give any stupid answers to beginners... :P
I've seen hints here ranging from "How do I turn off Preview in Finder" to "How can I repair the Netinfo DB after a crash"...

I've learned a great lot from reading the hints on this site, always interesting to read, mostly fun, very seldom :P

Rob, I want to thank you for building up this great community, for bringing us "needing" osx users together!

But of course I also want to thank you, and you and also you, Mr. Smith, for sharing this little hint that made my every-day life with osx so much easier!

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Authored by: Accura on Nov 28, '02 10:06:29PM

I know Im not speaking alone here by thanking you for keeping this site up. Thank you very very much for you have done for the Mac OS X community out there.

Thank you Rob, thank you every one.

This site has is all reayd mentionsed all over the web, it will go down in history, thank you very much... BTW no thanks giving in Australia


James O'Farrell

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Thank You!
Authored by: nhmitchell on Nov 29, '02 05:30:00PM

Thank you for all the effort you put into this extremely useful site. I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving.


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Mac OS X kicks ass!!
Authored by: june on Dec 01, '02 07:53:57AM

Happy Thanksgiving and keep up the good work ;)

greetz from the netherlands

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Authored by: Miga on Dec 01, '02 05:16:25PM

Happy thanksgiving day and many thanks for this fabulous site.

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Authored by: MacDude on Dec 04, '02 03:44:24PM

Two years already! And such great stuff from Rob and the community. I can't believe that Rob has the time to spend looking at and testing so many great hints.

Thank you!

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