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Hide unwanted Apple menu items Desktop
Instead of removing Apple Menu Items like "Get Mac OS X Software" (see this hint), just hide them. In the Finder, navigate to System -> Library -> Frameworks -> Carbon.framework -> Versions -> A -> Frameworks -> HIToolbox.framework -> Versions -> A -> Resources -> English.lproj and open StandardMenus.nib (Developer Tools required).

Double click Apple under the Instances tab and highlight "Get Mac OS X Software." Go to the Tools pull down menu and click Show Info. Highlight Attributes, then under "Options," click the "Hidden" radio button. Save your changes.

Finally, use Option-Command-Escape to Relaunch the Finder -- no more "Get OS X Software!"
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Terminal Pico Editor
Authored by: bjast on Nov 27, '02 12:39:06PM

Can't this same procedure be done from the command line using an editor like pico?

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Terminal Pico Editor
Authored by: booth7 on Nov 28, '02 11:44:46AM

No, no, and no.

1) .nib files are bundles, a directory that represent a document.
2) The essential data stored within a nib file is a binary format, so you would have to understand the format to edit it.
3) Even if you knew the format, pico would totally destroy the file when saving it, since it likes to insert line endings where nobody asked for them.

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Don't have it
Authored by: erm on Nov 27, '02 10:42:43PM

Odd....I don't have that file. The only thing I have under English.lproj is 'Localizable.strings'. Oh well.

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Don't have it
Authored by: Andy_Potvin on Nov 28, '02 01:03:23AM

Look again, I thought the same thing but I found it after I reviewed the full path.
Best Regards

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Can't do it.
Authored by: sean23007 on Nov 28, '02 09:43:41PM

What to do if it says "Couldn't save document." ?? Is there something that I need to do in order to get this to work?

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Can't do it.
Authored by: luke2 on Nov 30, '02 01:10:30AM

I had the same problem. I had to login as root before it would let me save.

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Can't do it.
Authored by: wiking on Dec 14, '02 08:51:58PM

How do you log in as root?? I tried but it only lets me use my username

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Add an item?
Authored by: randycarpenter on Nov 28, '02 10:01:53PM

Very interesting...does anyone know how to add an item?
Like, adding a link to the Applications directory like we
could in OS9?

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how to save the file
Authored by: ChiperSoft on Nov 30, '02 03:55:03PM

I also got the Cant Save File error. Apperently you cant save it while the finder is running (that's my guess atleast). I haven't done it yet, but I think you may have to save the file elsewhere and boot to OS9 to move it into place.

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A little help...
Authored by: oubiwann on Dec 01, '02 12:25:12PM

In case others could not find their StandardMenus.nib file in the place indicated, mine was here:

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more hints...
Authored by: oubiwann on Dec 01, '02 12:36:17PM

I forgot to add some stuff:

If you ^click on the .nib file and choose the "Show Package Contents" from the option menu, you are greeted with three files (at least on my system you are!). I'm not sure what classes.nib does (looks like a tiny data structure to me), but the other 2 are xml files, the objects.xib one containing the content for the Apple menu. I haven't edited it yet, but I will (after I back it up!)... look promising...

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be carefull..
Authored by: Bosinski on Dec 02, '02 03:09:53AM


i modified the objects - file. Deleted both the german and english menu-entry "Get OS X Software". After logging in again my Finder did not start. Trying to open e.g. iTunes via Dock crashed immedeatly ? After undoing the changes evreything was fine again. Maybe Apple considers this function as "mission critical" and somehow tracks changes. For a milisecond there I saw a process named "??c++" with top that I've never recognized before ?

It would be really nice to sub/add things here but for the moment I won't touch this again ;--))

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Here we go...
Authored by: wiking on Dec 23, '02 11:03:57PM

for all those who needed help on getting root access on your own system,
i didn't know myself but searched on google and here we go:

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Hide unwanted Apple menu items
Authored by: john@ignitionit. on Nov 15, '03 01:37:10PM

Nice hint. Anybody know how to do the same [remove/hide] other Finder menu items?

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