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Implement selective image blocking in Chimera Web Browsers
I love Mozilla's preferences for blocking images. On a whim, I copied the line of code written to Mozilla user's prefs.js file that, in my case, accepts images from the originating server only:
serveruser_pref("network.image.imageBehavior", 1);
and pasted it into my Chimera prefs.js file. Sure enough - blocking worked! The downside is that this blocks images on sites like Apple. A better alternative is, as you know, Mozilla's ability to selectively choose an image on a page and block all images from that image's server.

Well, you can duplicate that functionality in Chimera by creating a file called cookperm.text in your [random.slt] folder inside ~/Library -> Application Support -> Chimera -> Profiles -> Default. The file should contain the URL(s) of the server(s) you want to blocl. In this example, the servers are and those from
# HTTP Permission File
# This is a generated file! Do not edit. 1F 1F
@@@@ 0F 1F 2F
Hopefully this helps those of us still using dial-up, at least until Chimera builds this functionality into its preferences.

[Editor's note: I just took my fully developed Mozilla cookperm.txt file and copied it into the specified folder in the Chimera prefs structure, and it worked like a charm!]
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My preferred way of blocking ads
Authored by: vogunaescht on Nov 26, '02 10:15:22AM

Squid with Adzapper works like a charm. Installation is fairly easy.

Squid is a proxy server, which can be run locally. Adzapper is a redirector perl script. Think of it as a plugin for the proxy. Every object url a browser requests from the proxy is compared with a list (which you can extend manually). If the url matches an entry in the list, a replacment object is sent to the browser (from the proxy). In other words, instead of ads you see transparent gif images.

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Privoxy works great as well
Authored by: Beernd on Nov 26, '02 11:25:06AM
Hardly any configuration needed!

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What does it mean?
Authored by: the_webmaestro on Nov 26, '02 10:44:03AM
Howdy folks!

I already had the file cookperm.txt in my Chimera ~/Lib... folder. It has even more items in it (100+) than the Mozilla one (10). Perhaps that's because Chimera is my default browser :-)

Anyway, instead of a bunch of items with 1F at the end:
  • 1F
  • 1F
  • @@@@ 0F 1F 2F
I have the following snippet:
  • 0F
  • 0T
  • 0F
  • 0T
  • 0T
  • 0F
  • 0T
  • 0F
  • 0T
  • @@@@ 0T 1F
Now, I don't know what this means, but I suspect foe following:
  • 0F = Don't accept cookies
  • 0T = accept cookiees
  • 1F = Don't accept images
I'd really like to know. Assuming that the top lines might provide some help:
  • # HTTP Permission File
  • #
  • # This is a generated file! Do not edit.
I followed the link, and found it talks about cookies & not the cookperm.txt file. Anyone have some hints to share? Thanks!

Web Maestro Clay

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cookperm.txt explanation
Authored by: kwalker on Nov 26, '02 11:32:26AM

This is a great hint. The inability to selectively block images was the main reason I didn't use Chimera much.

An explanation of the cookperm.txt format can be found here:

But beware: the above article gets it wrong on the numbers. 0 is for cookies, 1 is for images, and 2 is for popups.

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Possible to block flash
Authored by: Johnny_B on Nov 26, '02 11:23:09AM

Some Norwegian sites really slow down (bad programmed I guess) and make Chimera unstabile when Flash is enabled. Is it possible to block flash for some sites as well ?

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Flash hint coming...
Authored by: robg on Nov 26, '02 11:41:48AM

There's a Chimera/Flash hint in the queue; look for it shortly ...


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cookperm.txt help file here:
Authored by: ole-olo on Nov 26, '02 11:40:50AM
Here is the file explaining all the magic!

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