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Disable cascading windows in OmniWeb Web Browsers
I don't know if anyone else has been bothered by this, or has even seen it happen, but I was sick of having my windows in OmniWeb cascade every time I opened a new browser window. If you wish to disable window cascading in OmniWeb, simply open up the terminal and enter:
 % defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniWeb
OAWindowCascadeDisabled -bool YES
[Enter this on one line, with a space before the "OAWindowCasc..." bit].

Next time you launch OmniWeb, your windows should no longer cascade. Solution was given to me by Brian W., Support Engineer, OmniGroup.
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Doesn't work...
Authored by: macgizmo on Nov 21, '02 10:44:53AM

When I copy & paste OR type this line of code in, I get an error that reads "Too many arguments."

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Doesn't work...
Authored by: aranor on Nov 21, '02 03:30:18PM

Make sure you remove the line break!

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Doesn't work...
Authored by: CyborgSam on Nov 21, '02 04:43:35PM

Don't copy the % sign to the command line, it is just the prompt. I absent-mindedly included the % iwhen I pasted and got this error:
%: Too many arguments.

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Doesn't work...
Authored by: XUSER on Jan 02, '03 08:26:52PM

If you have gotten the "too many arguments" message after attempting to use this hint, and you have copied the text of the hint from your web browser and pasted it into terminal, do not copy or paste the"%" character.

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How about on Mozilla?
Authored by: friedmaj on Nov 21, '02 12:09:08PM

Has anyone found a way to disable cascading on Mozilla? I use big windows to begin with, so new windows fall off the edge or run into the Dock.

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How about on Mozilla?
Authored by: Reddog on Nov 21, '02 02:52:12PM

How about just using tabbed windows? There's no need for a whole new window.


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How about on Mozilla?
Authored by: friedmaj on Nov 21, '02 04:13:23PM

I do use tabs, but links often create new windows. Also I have different tab sets, each of which occupies its own window.

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How about on Mozilla?
Authored by: paploo on Nov 23, '02 05:43:00PM

In my opinion, using *just* tabs is almost the same as using *just* new windows. In this case, the advantage of tabs is marginal compared to windows. However, the real genius of tabs is in the extra level of organization it gives me. It allows me to group related pages of content as different tabs in one window. This fits my non-linear, parallel browsing style perfectly. I can open up a window for macslash, a window for slashdot, and a window for google news. Then, in each of those, I open up tabs for all the articles that look good to me. Then I can come back through and read the articles as I want to. The benefit is that now instead of having them all mixed in different tabs or windows, I have them grouped. Macslash stuff in one, slashdot in another, and google news in another.

Of course, I'm not saying that everyone has to view this way. Everyone is different and everyone views in different ways. And that is exactly my point. While some people might be happy using only tabs (and others only windows), many of us like using both to maximise our organization. :)


P.S. - Now if someone came up with grouped tabs (in an non UI messy way), that might make me only want one window.

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Works great
Authored by: hombre on Nov 21, '02 01:08:28PM

No problems with the command here. This has been driving me crazy for ages. I finally resorted to using an applescript to uncascade all the windows:

tell application "OmniWeb"
set bounds of every window to {0, 0, 850, 1024}
end tell

I like this hint much better. Thanks!

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Authored by: panicX on Nov 21, '02 05:12:30PM

hi all,
I am sure I have this problem too!! :)
but... what is "cascading windows"? (I am not a native english speaker)
Is it that windows become small and then if you open a new window
its also small? Or that the new window is bigger and more to the left and down
for instance?

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Authored by: serversurfer on Nov 21, '02 09:24:40PM

It refers to the fact that new windows open down, and to the right of the older windows.

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Authored by: MrTangent on Nov 22, '02 01:45:37AM
This screenshot is an example of cascading windows.

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yes thats it!
Authored by: panicX on Nov 22, '02 01:50:43PM

yup, taz it.
thnx :)

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