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Samba networking over a dialup connection Network
After fighting with Rendezvous for the last month and getting a ton of Error -50's and Error -36's, I finally figured out how to properly configure the Mac to use Samba to work with a dialup connection.

[Editor's note: I haven't tested this one myself, as I have no dialup to test with...]

  1. Setup an account on Windows with EXACTLY the same name AND password as your account on the Mac.

  2. Go to the 'Sharing' preference pane on your mac and set your Rendezvous name. Mine is the same as my computer name, though I doubt this matters.

  3. Select 'Windows file Sharing' and make sure the checkmark is set.

  4. From Windows, select 'Network' in the Control Panel

  5. Hit the 'File and Print Sharing' button and set the 'I want to be able to give others access to my files' checkbox

  6. Select the TCPIP driver which uses the Ethernet adapter (mine is called TCPIP->3Com EtherLink III ISA in PnP mode). If you don't see one then 'Add' one.

  7. Hit the Properties tab

  8. Select the Gateway tab

  9. Connect your mac to the Internet via your modem

  10. From the Network preference pane on your mac, select the TCPIP tab. Type the IP address (eg you see for the 'Router' that your mac is using in the 'New Gateway' field on Windows, then hit the 'Add' button.

  11. Go to the 'Sharing' preference pane on your Mac.

  12. It is important that you are already connected to the Internet via dialup here or you will get the wrong options. You should see only one button. If you see a button and a checkbox, then you must somehow connect to the internet.

  13. Hit the Start button to begin sharing your connection with Windows

  14. Enable whatever drives you want your mac to see on your Windows Box by Right Clicking on the drive (eg C: drive) and selecting the 'Sharing tab', then select the 'Shared as" radio button and give it a name.
Voila! Now just remember to start up your Windows Box before you start the mac or they won't be networked.
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Samba networking over a dialup connection
Authored by: osxpounder on Dec 10, '03 11:19:10AM

Does anyone know of a link on the web that explains what these Samba error codes mean? I sometimes get error 36, and I'm now unable to connect, with the new Panther OSX, to a new PC, and I get error 50 instead, which tells me nothing.

I can connect to the same PC, using the same user/pass, from this Mac when I boot into Jaguar; only Panther can't connect to it. Both new Panther and old Jaguar can connect to my other office PC without problems.

If I knew what error 50 meant, I might know how to start troubleshooting this problem. I've already ensured that I have a user with the same name/pass on both boxes, and they definitely see each other -- I get a login prompt from the PC, then login fails and I get an error 50.


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Samba networking over a dialup connection
Authored by: osxpounder on Dec 10, '03 12:31:59PM

Just got the solution, and I found it via another helpful user right here on this site:

Specify the domain in SMB login strings"


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