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Print to a Samsung laser over a wireless Linksys router Network
Just got through a half-day of getting my Powerbook running 10.2.2 to print to my Samsung ML-1210 laser printer through a Linksys WPS11 Wireless Print Server. Hopefully my fun experience will be helpful to:
  • People trying to use the Linksys WPS11 Wireless Print Server with Jaguar, since Linksys doesn't offer technical support for Macs.
  • People trying to use a Samsung Laser Printer in a non-usb fashion.
The following works for a setup like mine -- Samsung ML-1210 + a Linksys WPS11 v3 Wireless PrintServer. I assume you have a working wireless basestation and a working DHCP server in your LAN.

  1. Plug power into the WPS11.

  2. The wireless part of the WPS11 won't work until its SSID matches your basestation's. You can find out your SSID by starting up "Internet Connect" and observing the name that's in the "Network" field. If your network's SSID happens to be "linksys" then you can skip this step. If it's not, you need to temporarily connect the WPS11 to your network with an ethernet cable and then find out what IP address it got. Once you know this you should open a web browser and go to http://x.x.x.x and replace the x's with the ip address that the WPS11 got. A configuration page should pop up. Go to the "Wireless" tab and enter your SSID into the SSID field. Hopefully, you either have wireless encryption (WEP) off in your network or you know what information to enter in those fields. I'm too lazy right now to try to explain how to find it all out.

  3. Unplug the ethernet cable from the WPS11 and it should get it's own wireless IP address. Find out what that IP address is. Two things to remember: 1. Whenever the web-based configuration utility tells you that the WPS11 needs to be reset to enable your changes, you should briefly unplug the power from the WPS11 and then plug it back in. That's the only way I could get the settings to actually take hold anyway. The "reset" button didn't seem to do much good. 2. To restore factory defaults to the WPS11, pull out the power plug, hold down the reset button, keep holding the reset button down while you plug power back in, and keep holding it for 10 more seconds after doing that. Oh yeah - then let go.;)

  4. If you can get the WPS11 to work with your printer using AppleTalk then more power to you. I couldn't. If you can't or don't want to bother trying, then follow this step. Go to the web based configuration utility by opening a web browser and typing in http://x.x.x.x (change x's to the wireless IP address of the WPS11) Go to the "Server" tab and disable Appletalk.

  5. Plug the printer into the WPS11.
Since the ML-1210 is not a postscript printer you need an "interpreter" that will translate postscript print jobs into something the ML-1210 can understand. Go to the Samsung GDI page at for more info on this.
  1. Download and install this program, a free ESP Ghostscript interpreter.
  2. Download and install this file, which adds the specific configurations for several Samsung printers.
  1. Open Print Center and go to the "Printer List" window.
  2. Hold down option and click the "Add" icon. The option-click will add a new item to the upper drop down list -- "Advanced".
  3. Choose "Advanced" in the upper drop-down list.
  4. Set the "Device Name" to whatever you want to call your printer.
  5. Set the "Device URL" to "lpd://x.x.x.x/P1" (the P1 is the printing queue on the WPS11)
  6. Set the Printer Model to Samsung, then choose your specific model (e.g. ML-1210).
  7. Click "Add".
Voila! Hopefully you can now print! All I can say is thank you CUPS and
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Authored by: Gonzonia on Nov 20, '02 11:09:00AM

I'm using the Samsung GDI to print to a Samsung ML-1430. The 1430 is just a newer version of the ML-1210. I'm using IP printing to a shared printer on Windows 2k.

To do this :
I installed Unix Print Services on Win 2k
Installed necessary items for Samsung GDI and Samsung GDI
Chose IP printing when adding printer, entered IP for win2k machine, entered shared printer name for queue, selected samsung ml-1210

Works like a champ!!!

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Authored by: jus10 on Dec 03, '02 12:45:58PM

I'm having trouble printing to my Samsung ML-1430 over my SMC Barricade SMC7004AWBR wireless router. Can anyone help out?

I have aTI Powerbook running Max OS X 10.2.2. I have installed the Samsung Max OS X drivers (version 0.3), as well as Ghostscript and the Samsung-GDI files (although I'm not sure they are necessary). I am able to print using USB without a problem. There is a Win2K pro box on this network that can also print without a problem.

I cannot, however, print from my TiBook wirelessly. I have tried many different set ups, including IP printing to the router's IP address using queue names "lp", "lpt1" and "P1". (I get an instantaneous "job stopped" and lpstat -p tells me "Remote host did not accept data file (32).") I have tried to make use of the Win2K pro unix print services without success either (cannot make a connection).

I'm also wondering why I don't have a PPD for my ML-1430. I didn't have any Samsung printers pop up under "Printer Model" (after adding a printer in Print Center) until I installed the Samsung-GDI files (ML-1430 is not included). The installation of Samsung's OS X drivers didn't give me anything new. When I print via USB, however, it apparently installs a working driver, but I can't seem to use it for a new wireless printer.

Thanks for your help.

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Easier Print Center Setup
Authored by: jeb1138 on Nov 20, '02 05:47:14PM

After reading another cool hint in I realized that the last step "Getting Your Printer To Print" could be a bit simpler. No "Advanced" configuration necessary. Just:
1. Open Print Center
2. Click the "Add" icon
3. Choose IP Printing in the top drop-down list
4. Enter your WPS11's IP address in the "Printer's Address" box
5. Uncheck "Use default queue" and enter "P1" as the Queue name
6. Choose the printer make and model

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Easier Print Center Setup
Authored by: deaxes on Dec 20, '02 02:04:16AM

Thanks. I'm using a WPS11 print server on a HP Laserjet 4 Plus. That fixed what I couldn't solve!

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Easier Print Center Setup
Authored by: yoyolai on Jul 31, '03 11:39:35PM

oh my god, you're the best..
but what does that P1 means?

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What does the P1 mean?
Authored by: paulio on Sep 16, '03 01:17:58AM

It specifies the name of the print queue (which printer if there is more than one on the server). P1 means the first printer. it doesn't seem to mean much since this print server only accomodates one printer, but it's still needed. The actual name of the queue seems to be different on each print server model.

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Easier Print Center Setup
Authored by: mariannam on Jan 06, '04 06:49:38PM

Jeb1138 .... your a good person! I was stumped for 3 days with a airbase/router/pc/mac/samsung nightmare. everything worked with the printer but the mac. using your tips, I downloaded and installed and i am printing away!

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Print to a Samsung laser over Linksys router
Authored by: tdearborn on Nov 29, '03 09:55:56PM

I have used the above hint successfully in Panther (10.3.1) with a Dlink DP-101P+ Pocket Print Server.

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Print to a HP OfficeJet G55 over a wireless Linksys router WPS 11
Authored by: duder on Mar 05, '06 08:57:30PM

I played for about 5 hours today and many days before before this hint lead me in the right direction.

Here's what I did.
1. First go get GIMP 5.0.0 beta2 drivers.
2. Install the drivers.
3. Open "System Prefences" (I'm using Tiger)
4. Open "Print & Fax"
5. Click "+"
6. At the top choose "IP Printer"
7. Set Protocol to "Line Printer Daemon - LDP"
8. Set address to the IP address of the Print Server. (See above post to figure that out.)
9. Set Queue to "P1" or whatever your queue is set to in the print server. (For Linksys WPS11 ver. 1.0 this is "P1" by default.)
10. Make the "Name" whatever you want.
11. For the "Printer Using" scroll down to "HP DeskJet 900 series - Gimp-Print v5.0.0 beta2"
12. Click "Add Printer"
13. Try to print something. It worked for me.
It was damn hard the first time, but now it works well with both my Imac, and my Windows XP laptop

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