Fine tuning an analog LCD monitor

Nov 19, '02 09:29:32AM

Contributed by: mclbruce

I discovered a way to improve the look of OS X on my Samsung 770 LCD display. I'm passing this along in hopes that it will work with other analog LCD displays.

There is an adjustment on my monitor called "Image Lock." Changing Image Lock with the buttons on the front of the monitor changes the fuzziness of the screen. I use a special desktop pattern that makes the fuzziness stand out, making it easier to remove with the Image Lock control.

The desktop pattern for fine tuning Image lock looks gray but is actually alternating pixels of black and white. I made a 1-bit 16x16 pixel image with a black and white checker pattern in Graphic Converter and saved it as a tiff file. I tile the tiff file in the desktop preference panel.

Moving the Samsung Image Lock control with the "old school 1-bit gray" desktop reveals a very noticeable vertical ripple interferance pattern across the desktop. The ripples get worse at either end of the adjustment scale and can be made to disappear somewhere near the middle of the scale. Once you see the pattern it will be ovbious how to adjust the Image Lock to get rid of it.

Adjusting the image lock this way made a huge difference in the clarity of text and images. Note that I'm running my display at less than top resolution.

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