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Close Chimera download windows automatically Web Browsers
I love Chimera, and it's now my prefered browser. But, in many ways, it's still a work in progress. One thing that bothers me is that after you download a file, the download dialog window hangs around until you close it by hand. Not a big deal usually, but if you've downloaded a large number of files, you have to go through and manually close a lot of these windows. Here's how to get rid of them automatically:
  1. Quit the Chimera application.

  2. Open this configuration file in your favourite text editor:
    ~/Library -> Application Support -> Chimera -> Profiles -> Default -> [random].sit -> prefs.js. Some people prefer to put custom user preferences in users.js in this same folder, however, all the settings in users.js are copied over to prefs.js in the end so this seems more direct. That and some prefs when specified in users.js are simply ignored for some reason.

  3. Add this new preference to the end of prefs.js:
    user_pref("", false);
  4. Save the file and fire up Chimera.
That's it, all the download status dialogue windows will automatically close themselves when your download is complete.
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are you kidding me?
Authored by: seven5 on Nov 19, '02 09:59:27AM

how about, hitting that button in the menu bar in the download window? I find that that works quite well, and i don't have to edit my prefs.js file....

this has worked for the last 3 official builds of chimera...

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The GUI way
Authored by: vogunaescht on Nov 19, '02 10:05:25AM

Or just click on "Close when done" in the Toolbar of the download window.

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Why the bashing?
Authored by: cybergoober on Nov 19, '02 10:18:41AM

I just downloaded several files of varying size and none of these download windows had an option to "close when done". They had "Leave open" though (rolls eyes).

I, for one, appreciate this hint.

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Why the bashing?
Authored by: BTPearcy on Nov 19, '02 10:40:25AM

I think the issue here is that (at least to my mind) the button is labeled backwards - it indicates the current state, not the desired command...

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Why the bashing?
Authored by: johnseal on Nov 19, '02 04:08:20PM

I think the deeper issue is that it really ought to be a checkbox; then there would be no ambiguity about whether it indicated the present state or the desired action.

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Why the bashing?
Authored by: eno on Nov 19, '02 07:33:44PM
See here.

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Ah, try clicking on the toolbar button first...
Authored by: KBurby on Nov 20, '02 02:04:02AM

Click on the show/hide toolbar button first (You know, the oval on in the upper right corner of the window). That will show the close window button.

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Authored by: cybergoober on Nov 19, '02 10:25:48AM

Well, I decided to click on that "leave open" button and it changed to "close when done". Guess you learn something new every day.

Carry on, then.

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Auto Open File ?
Authored by: sunsoul on Nov 19, '02 04:07:17PM

Is there a tweak in the pref.js that would automatically open downloaded file ?

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Auto Open File ?
Authored by: signal15 on Nov 19, '02 09:43:42PM

Why would you ever want to do this? It may be convenient for you, but it's also very convenient for virus authors and people who write hostile code. It's a good way to get your box compromised.

I would hope that the mozilla authors would never add a setting like this.

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Auto Open File ?
Authored by: mahakk on Nov 20, '02 04:36:13AM

as an option, it's ok.
think about it: in most cases you download something and are going to open it *anyway*, so why not have the browser trigger... say... diskcopy for you?

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Auto Open File ?
Authored by: bipto on Nov 20, '02 08:24:46AM

It seems to me the next logical step after downloading a file would be to open it (as in, to decompress it, mount a .dmg, etc). Why not have your browser take the next step for you?

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Auto Open File ?
Authored by: baltwo on Nov 23, '02 11:56:07PM

Primarily, because I usually surf, download interesting stuff, get off the internet, then investigate what I've downloaded. I surely don't want the program to mount any images while I'm still surfing and downloading stuff.


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Auto Open File ?
Authored by: GlowingApple on Oct 09, '06 01:14:58PM

A web site can trigger a download without your intervention. Just visiting a site that had such a virus would cause your browser to download this virus and then open it. Safari saw this with a malicious widget a while back. While having auto-open enabled is convenient, it can be a security hole as well.

~Jayson <>

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No longer working
Authored by: bluehz on Jan 06, '03 07:43:53AM

This hack seems to no longer work in the latest nightly builds of Chimera. I have it in my user.js and it used to work - but now I am getting stacked download windows that hang around after the download.

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