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Use phonetic name fields in Address Book Apps
A small thing but fairly useful and cool...

In Address Book, select a contact and navigate to Card -> Add Field in the menu. There you can add a Phonetic First and/or Last name field to the selected contact. This is quite useful for remembering how to pronounce oddly spelled or foreign names. You can also add a Birthday field and an Instant Messaging field for ICQ, Yahoo, Jabber and MSN.

[Editor's note: This may seem obvious, but when you add the fields, if you don't populate them with some data before leaving Edit mode, they won't be there when you return to the contact. And as far as I can tell, there's no way to add the field to all contacts at one time.]
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another weird thing
Authored by: Moofisto on Nov 18, '02 11:05:16AM that Address Book seems to prefer to sort names based on the phonetic spelling over the actual spellings. Give it a try, this happened on mine while I was sorting by First Name.

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Authored by: Jay on Nov 18, '02 11:41:41AM

It seems to me that iChat would pronouce the phonetic spelling when announcing buddies' actions. Has anyone tried this? Oddly, everyone in my list is pronouced exactly as their names are spelled!

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Authored by: joestalin on Nov 18, '02 05:38:00PM

I hadn't noticed this feature, but it's a smart one. It seems pretty clear this was added to serve Japanese users. The kanji used for Japanese names often don't give you a clue as to the name's pronunciation. Interesting that it has the dual use of serving people with weird English names.

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Use phonetic name fields in Address Book
Authored by: liujieming on Sep 10, '08 04:17:24PM

Actually you can add the field to all contacts at the same time by just going to "Add Field"- "Edit Template" then choosing menu for "Add Field" - "Phonetic First/Last". Now all of your contacts have the field pre-populated.

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Use phonetic name fields in Address Book
Authored by: rrwright on Oct 19, '11 10:51:50PM

Does anyone know how to get this phonetic field to properly recognize/pronounce a soft-g sound like the last "g" in some (the more French?) pronunciation of "garage" or the "J" in "Jean-Luc Picard"? It's also very similar to the "s" in "Asia" or "pleasure".

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Use phonetic name fields in Address Book
Authored by: sipatel on Oct 22, '11 07:51:36AM

iOS has a field called "Nickname" which is used by Siri for voice-activated calls, but this is not the same as Phonetic Last Name/Phonetic First Name in Address Book.

I added Nicknames on my iPhone but also activated the Phonetic... bits in my template in Address Book. Entered these separately before syncing and I now have two different fields with the same data.

Edited on Oct 22, '11 08:13:00AM by sipatel

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