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Listen to an old fashioned typwriter while typing System
Go to the Universal Access preference pane, and click on the keyboard tab, then turn on Slow Keys (the last preference on the pane). Move the slider called "Acceptance Delay" all the way to "short" (the far right side of the slider) so that it won't delay the keys at all. Make sure the checkbox named "Use key click sounds is enabled."

Its completely useless, but there is something satisfying about the manual typewriter sound it makes.

[Editor's note: It took me a few minutes to figure out why this wasn't working on either of the machines I tested it on ... you also need to enable "Play user interface sound effects" in the Sound control panel, otherwise you won't hear the typewriter sound ... and I agree with the author - perhaps useless, but for those of us who grew up typing on a 'real' typewriter, it's a good sound to hear!]
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Authored by: syrreg on Nov 15, '02 10:01:58AM

This is kind of cool. It's too bad the typing sound had to be associated with the Universal Access preferences rather than with the Keyboard or Sound preferences. With the current implementation of this feature, using the Delete key on the keyboard to backspace over text that you've typed is painfully slow - it's too bad there isn't a slider somewhere to adjust the key rate for backspace. Perhaps I missed something?

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Authored by: mm2270 on Nov 15, '02 10:36:26AM

I just set this on my Mac here at work, and I'm seeing no delay whatesover (dual 450 G4 w/640 MB, X.2.2), even with the backspace.
I also set the key repeat settings to the following: Key repeat rate to Fast, and Delay until repeat to Short. Maybe that's why I'm not seeing any delay? Since the Universal Access stuff tends to cause a delay, maybe setting the keyboard to respond as fast as possible can override it a bit. I would try that if you're having problems.
Those settings can be found under the keyboard pref pane, and can be accessed with the button directly within Universal Access.

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Date yourself - the only sure way to get a 'yes'
Authored by: eaganj on Nov 15, '02 10:03:35AM

Careful there, Rob, you're dating yourself ;-).

Seriously though, there really is something soothing about the keyclick sound, but even on the shortest setting there's still a noticeable and mildly frustrating delay. It's also interesting to hear the sounds struggling to keep up with the text as it appears on the screen. Very cool nonetheless.

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Kills Command-Tab
Authored by: r2242 on Nov 15, '02 11:48:28AM

On my system, enabling "Slow Keys" disables keyboard application switching.

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Kills Command-Tab
Authored by: cybergoober on Nov 15, '02 11:52:15AM

Not here.

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where's that sound at? :)
Authored by: mahakk on Nov 15, '02 12:02:16PM

i like the feature, but i'd love to change the sound. :)
i'd also love to NOT make it play when any modifier except shift is pressed, but that's to much to ask for, probably...

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Causes errors with my media eject key
Authored by: swanksalot on Nov 15, '02 04:36:59PM

While I did find the clackety clack sound satisfyingly retro- it disabled Command-tab app switching, full keyboard access (control-d, etc.), as well as my keyboard mute key and media eject key. Keyboard volume up/down keys still worked for some reason.

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The BackSpace
Authored by: MindWeapon on Nov 16, '02 01:39:57PM

using the delete key seems to work much better if you tap the key repeatedly as opposed to holding it down.

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The BackSpace
Authored by: motarasu on Nov 16, '02 02:29:14PM
Well, unless your computer is really slow with anti-aliasing and/or your running a process-hog of an app (coughwordcough), changing the Key Repeat Rate to Fast and Delay Until Repeat to Short under the Keyboard Pane in System Preferences usually makes a difference. In TextEdit, BBEdit and Eudora, this helps a whole lot.

If it is still slow, you might want to consider altering the Turn off text smoothing for font sizes to a higher font ... or chucking your beige for a G4 tower. :D
Note: the above option is for 10.1->10.1.5. I can't remember off the top of my head if the option is available for Jagwire->10.2.2 (i've been a little lazy getting Jagwire installed, though it is on my work computer).

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Causes problem with keymapping for browsers
Authored by: Welles Goodrich on Nov 16, '02 02:33:21PM

While I'm glad to know of this little extra, I found that turning Slow Keys ON, even with the shortest Key Repeat (which is required to get the click key sounds), eliminates my ability to use the Intellimouse buttons which are key mapped for forward and back in browsers. Brief investigation proved this true for both IE and Chimera. I suspect other features of key mapped multi-button mice would also be affected. In my case I'm using USB Overdrive.

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Causes problem with keymapping for browsers
Authored by: mm2270 on Nov 16, '02 03:33:48PM

Yes, I had the same problem with my Logitech mouse using USB Overdrive. I also had the middle button (scroll wheel) mapped to the back button in IE and Chimera. Somehow, turning on this trick disables it. I turned it off, since I'd much rather have my multi-function mouse work than a typewriter sound. Bummer.

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Sounds more like a machine gun
Authored by: untmdsprt on Nov 18, '02 08:57:08PM

I have this on and since I'm a fast typist, it sounds more like a machine gun. I guess I'll have to slow myself done to get the real effect!!

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