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View PDFs from within your browser Apps
The PDF Browser Plug-In plugs a long-standing hole in the OS X experience, and does exactly what the name suggests - with it, you can view PDFs in your browser. I see a minor cosmetic issue with it, but I'm very happy to have it. Forget Pick of the Week; nominate Manfred Schubert for beatification.

[Editor's note: Not much more to be said; if you'd like to read a PDF in your browser window without downloading and switching to another application, grab this plug-in! I tested it with Chimera, and it worked fine...]
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Not Working for Me
Authored by: readparse on Nov 15, '02 11:35:52AM

I assume I'm doing something wrong, but I can't figure out what it might be. the first potential problem is that I just copied the binary file over to the /Libary/Internet Plug-Ins directory without using sudo. I was surprised that it let me, but it did. So I figured the ownership or permissions was the issue. I chown'd and chmod'd the files to match the other plug-in files, of course restarted my browser(s) between every step, and no change. I finally gave up on the system-wide installation and tried the user-level installation (~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins) and still nothing. It's as if I had never downloaded it. Doesn't work in either Chimera or IE. I'm running Jaguar, and the 11/12/02 build of Chimera... MSIE 5.2.2.

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Problems printing
Authored by: Gene on Nov 15, '02 11:37:07AM

The only problem is that it doesn't give you Acrobat's options like "Fitting to page" if the page size in the PDF file is defined to something different from your printer's default.

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worksf or me
Authored by: syko on Nov 15, '02 02:14:49PM

works fine for me..

maybe you should use mozilla! i didn\\\'t even have to restart mozilla after copying it to my local plug-in folder

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Even works in IE5
Authored by: tomem on Nov 15, '02 04:29:05PM

Yuh! Too bad Apple pissed off Adobe by not licensing pdfs. But then this seems to be the proof in the pudding that pdf is a published format that can be used openly.

Great to have this hole plugged.

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Authored by: Moofisto on Nov 18, '02 11:32:33AM

By "minor cosmetic issue", were you referring to the plug-in menu widget that looks like something out of Platinum or Paper, rather than Aqua?

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Authored by: Anonymous on Nov 18, '02 02:03:00PM

What does Adobe's PDFViewer plug-in that I find in /Library/Internet Plug-Ins do?

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