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Encode OGGs from iTunes Apps
I read the hint about Quicktime6 and iTunes OGG support and I really liked the iTunes-LAME wrapper script, so I tweaked the script to work with oggenc, the commandline OGG encoder.

The result can be found here. I've set the default to -q 4 (quality can be from 10 which is really good to 0 which is bad). -q 4 gives me files with an average encoding rate of 116kb/s. Type oggenc -h to find out other settings although you probably won't need to set anything else. I simplified the script a bit so it's not as configurable as the iTunes-LAME one. It does work, however, and I thought someone else might find it useful.

Note: You will also require the commandline LAME encoder for this to work as oggenc doesn't list genres (which the script needs). Instructions for installing LAME can be found in this hint.

And to make your .ogg files look like other iTunes files, I've created an iTunes .ogg icon. Uncompress and place in /Applications -> -> Contents -> Resources/ (unless you've moved iTunes). Then open /Applications -> -> Contents -> Info.plist in an editor. Paste the following somewhere in the CFBundleDocumentTypes array:
<string>Ogg Vorbis Audio File</string>
Save the file and quit the editor and you should be good to go!
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oggenc.bin is corrupt
Authored by: signal15 on Nov 20, '02 02:54:47AM

I cannot decode oggenc.bin, it decodes to a 0 byte file. I've tried downloading it again, but same deal. Can you post just the script somewhere? Or a new archive that works?


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This doesn't work in 10.2
Authored by: a1291762 on Nov 21, '02 10:44:01PM

Several people have pointed out that this script doesn't work in 10.2

I don't have Jagwire so I can't really test this out. The latest iTunes-LAME script works in Jagwire but not in 10.1

If I ever get Jagwire, I'll update the script but until then you'll have to hack up the script yourselves :)


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itunes ogg script for 10.2
Authored by: webb on Jan 24, '03 05:37:22PM

I also had the idea of modifying the itunes-lame encoder script to do ogg instead. I was about to post it here but found that someone else beat me to it! :) However, this script works in 10.2, and it doesn't require lame (I just commented out all that genre stuff).

We should make a widely accessible page that has an easy installer for all three files (oggenc, OggVorbis.qtx, and a script to rip in itunes) in order to get people using ogg. Also, it would be cool if the script could toggle between ogg and lame just by setting a variable at the beginning, but I was too lazy to do it.


PS: Has anyone else noticed that itunes isn't so good at skip-free play with ogg files? And this is with a dual 867 g4...

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itunes ogg script for 10.2
Authored by: joe1 on Mar 24, '03 10:50:47PM

I really like your script Encode with Ogg (1.0). There was one thing missing, encoding the tags and adding it to my playlist. I noticed your comment that said: property useTunesTags : true -- use iTunes after each track encodes for Advanced tagging. Doesn't work.

I played around with it and got it working. I changed the following in on makeDecodeScript on addTagTrack: set theFile to alias ("Macintosh HD:" & outdir of tagRecord & outfile of tagRecord) It seems iTunes (3.0?) really wants the Macintosh HD: in order to add the file to the playlist. Everything seems to work fine from there.

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Cocoa front end for oggenc from iTunes
Authored by: fy on Oct 23, '03 11:22:19PM
built by me with Project Builder 2.1 under OS X 10.2.8 is now at Although no support will be provided, if needed, tweak it as you like.

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Updated for Panther
Authored by: a1291762 on Apr 11, '04 11:08:45PM

This hint is ancient. I recently bothered to update the encoding script and icon.

I've written down all my iTunes .ogg info at

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