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Customize Your iSync Palm Device Icon Desktop
I have a Sony Clie T-615C, and I was slightly irked to find that the iSync Palm conduit uses an icon of the Palm V as my Palm device. After some investigation, I found that the conduit has a generic Clie icon (as well as Handspring and other Palm icons). For some reason, it didn't recognize my device as a Clie and gave me what is probably the default Palm device icon. So I took matters into my own hands, made my own icon, and replaced the Palm V icon with my custom icon.

I imagine my Clie is not the only device improperly recognized out there, so if you are incorrectly using the Palm V icon and want to customize it, here's how. In Terminal, enter the following (all one line, and other than the first two spaces, the only other space character is shown by [space], replace that one with an actual space):
 % sudo cp /System/Library/SyncServices/PalmBladeConduit.bundle
This will backup your current Palm V icon. You can restore it by copying the ".old" file onto the updated "palmV.tiff" file. Enter the admin password when prompted. Now you're ready to replace the icon with your custom icon (again, all on one line, same "space" rules as above):
 % sudo cp /custom/icon/dir/new_isync_icon.tiff[space]
Replace "/custom/icon/dir" with the path to the directory you saved your new icon in, and "new_isync_icon.tiff" with the name of your new 60 x 60 TIFF format icon (don't forget the transparent background!). Again, enter your admin password when prompted at the sudo command.

Now you can start iSync and enjoy your new icon! If you'd like a copy of my iSync T-Series Clie icon, you can get it here. Enjoy!
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iSync Palm icon
Authored by: mm2270 on Nov 13, '02 10:33:05AM

Nice tip! I'll be sure to try this out since I also have a Clie T615C and was also bothered by the ison not representing what I actually have. One note however; the Palm icon in iSync is NOT a Palm V, it's the Palm M500 series. It's evident by the curved sides on top and bottom, as opposed to the relatively straight sides on the Palm V series.

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iSync Palm icon
Authored by: mm2270 on Nov 13, '02 10:39:04AM

Hmm... Well, maybe I'm wrong, since the .tiff says PalmV on it, but on my iSync it looks more like a Palm M500. But I guess it doesn't matter, since many users would have the wrong icon displayed anyway (unless you have a PalmV of course)

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Icon link is's the fix!
Authored by: clmensch on Nov 13, '02 11:40:11AM
I'm the one who originally posted this comment, but it seems the link to my custom Clie t-series icon is broken. If you want it, you can grab it at If you want to see how it looks in iSync, check the page on my .mac account at Sorry about that.

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iSync and Clie
Authored by: balthisar on Nov 14, '02 08:22:10AM

Uh, little off topic here, but are you saying iSync works with Clies? Is this WITH or WITHOUT "The Missing Sync"? The T615 is a Palm OS 4.1 device, right?

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iSync and Clie
Authored by: clmensch on Nov 14, '02 10:53:38AM

It works fine with the Missing Sync, although I've heard it works fine without it as well. All you need to do is install the iSync conduit...which requires Palm Desktop 4. If you were able to sync with Palm Desktop, you can sync with iSync.

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iSync and Clie
Authored by: sperryj on Nov 14, '02 12:13:56PM

I have a Sony Clie PEG-T615C and it works great with iSync. You have to go into the Conduit Manager and tell it to not sync with the Palm Desktop Address Book or the Palm Desktop Calendar if you want it to sync with iCal and the Mac OS X Address Book.

I don't even use my cradle anymore except to charge it up. The infrared port on my PowerBook G4 is fine with me. Granted, it is slower than using the cradle but it works.

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Hint still works in iSync 1.0
Authored by: conrad on Jan 02, '03 11:59:37AM

Just use tungsten.tiff instead of palmV.tiff

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